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Absolute Ways to Differentiate Authentic Sterling Silver Jewelry 

There are fake items everywhere, and silver jewelry is no exception. Silver resists corrosion and oxidation like no other metallic elements. Sterling silver is the highest quality silver, and it contains 92.5% silver and 7.25% copper that hardens the jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is expensive. So, if you are a retailer, you need to avoid being scammed by ensuring you buy authentic silver pieces. Below are ways you can tell genuine sterling silver.

It Should Have The 925-Silver Mark

Most reputable jewelers imprint the marks 925, sterling, or sterling silver to prove authenticity. These marks are small and discreet, and you may not notice them quickly. So, where can you check?

Look at the inside of your ring or the underside of the bracelet. Although not all sterling silver pieces will have the mark, a majority will.

Some silver jewelry pieces have other marks, such as 626 or 800, indicating silver purity. For instance, the 626 means the jewelry contains 62.6 % silver and 37.4 % other metals. Such a Jewel technically has silver but of less quality compared to sterling silver.

Does Your Skin Turn Green?

Pure silver jewelry will not make your skin turn green. When you wear that neckless or bracelet, and it leaves a black or greenish stain, it shows it’s not authentic. Hence, why does this happen?

When the jeweler mixes silver with an oxidizing metal, it results in the above reaction. For example, significant amounts of copper oxidize when it comes into contact with sweat, lotion, or oil. It forms copper, which is the greenish stuff you see on your skin.

The green color is not harmful to your skin, but it shows you your piece is not authentic sterling silver.

The Nitric Acid Test

The acid test is a sure way of testing silver. Your jewelry store will not decline you to pour a bit of nitric acid to confirm authenticity. More so, the salesperson dealing with wholesale earrings can verify this on the spot by placing a tiny droplet of acid on the jewel.

If the acids remain, don't change the hue, or it turns creamy; then, you have a pure piece of silver. If it changes color to either green or fades, that's a fake item.

It Should Tarnish

Does your jewelry tarnish? If yes, then you have a genuine sterling silver piece. When you are going through your beautiful pieces and see your neckless, earring, or bracelet tarnish, worry not. You can polish your jewels back to regain their original color. A small buff makes a piece of silver jewelry bring back its sleek look.

For unauthentic silver, no amount of buffing makes it regain its shine.

The White Fabric Tests

Take a piece of white cloth and use it to rub your jewelry. The appearance of black marks on this fabric confirms that it's authentic sterling silver. These marks appear since real silver oxidizes when exposed to air. Absence of black marks on the material; that's likely a fake sterling silver.

Whether you are buying single pieces or wholesale earrings, you'd better ensure you purchase genuine jewelry. Use these simple ways to confirm authentic sterling silver pieces and avoid losing your hard-earned cash.


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