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Benefits of Working from Home to Avoid Coronavirus 

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As the cases of the Coronavirus continue to increase all over the world, there has been a significant surge in the number of companies that are requesting their employees to work from home. Since mid-February, many conglomerates all over the globe have implemented remote-work policies that are meant to protect their employees from the newly declared pandemic. Unfortunately, many of the employees have never had the experience of working from home and barely understand the benefits that are involved in working at home to avoid the Coronavirus. Many of the people that have had the chance to work from home have not been exposed to extended periods away from their offices and they will likely face some challenges that are associated with the change in environment.

NO matter the type of work that you do, it is very important that you remain productive from your couch just as you are from your office. It is in your best interest since being at home reduces the chances of exposure to the Coronavirus. It has been recommended that any place that accommodates more than 50 individuals should be avoided including office areas. Already, many countries all over the world have taken the action of closing down borders, bars, restaurants, schools, and institutions of higher learning. As the virus continues to wreak havoc and claim more lives, many people have also taken the action of closing their doors on one another, and the authorities have taken more drastic measures to considerably slow down the spread of the virus. This has impacted all areas of life, including work which has greatly impacted the industrial output. But what are some of the benefits of avoiding the office areas and working from home? In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits while exploring some of the things that have contributed to the spread of the Coronavirus.

How the Coronavirus Spreads from Person-to-person

Research indicates that the main method of transmission of this virus is person-to-person contact and contact with surfaces that have been exposed to the virus. When you sit close to an individual with the virus in the meeting room or in the train on your way to work, and the person sneezes or coughs, you are at risk of getting the virus especially if the person does not cover their mouth and nose. This is because they may spray you with respiratory droplets from their nose or mouth. Such respiratory fluids may potentially contain the virus. If such an individual touched their mouth or nose with their hand, and you greeted them (Handshake), they transfer some of the viruses to you. If you happen to touch your face without sanitizing or washing your hands first, you may accidentally allow the virus access into your body through an entry point. Some research also indicates that the virus may be present in feces and could contaminate common areas like the toilet bowl or bathroom sink. It is also possible to contract the virus when you touch surfaces that have been touched by a person with the virus, money, and other medians that have been exposed to the virus. This means that the more you move around and interact with different individuals in your day-to-day work routine, you are most likely to contract the virus unknowingly.

Benefits of working at home to avoid Corona Virus   


Great companies like Peachy Essay, have over the years adopted work-from-home as a great way to not only ensure that all their employees are comfortable but also to conserve resources and reduce the amount of time that is wasted commuting from home to the office environment. Other companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft also use the method in a bid to increase productivity. In recent times, the increasing cases of the spread of the Coronavirus in different parts of the world to incorporate this strategy in order to remain productive and to also ensure that their employees are protected from the deadly virus. As governments all over the world take more and more precautionary measures to protect their populations, there has been an increase in the number of institutions that have been forced to close down globally including schools and offices. The following are some of the benefits of working from home to protect yourself against the Coronavirus. 


1. Helps Slow the Coronavirus down by making it harder to spread

The reason that the virus has been able to spread so much and even move to other countries has been attributed to the fact that people already infected with the virus have been able to mingle with other people. When you work from home, you reduce the chances of the virus spreading since you stop yourself from being a carrier. Let us look at it from this perspective when you are infected with the virus; you are more likely to transmit it to others on your way to work and in the office. The person you infect will most likely spread it to other people who will then pass it on to others until a great part of the population is impacted. When many people work from home, the number of possible carriers is significantly reduced meaning that the rate of infection will be automatically slowed down since it will be more difficult for the virus to be transmitted. Working from home also ensures that people who are not infected are not exposed to situations and places where they may come into contact with the virus on their way to and from work. The virus needs to transmit, and so if we can find ways of preventing this or at least slowing it down by staying at home, the link would be severed, and the virus would be slowed down.

2. Working from home keeps one in employment

As the virus continues to spread, it is most likely that very many people, especially those in direct services, will be rendered unemployed. Jobs, like bartending and driving that, require close contact with individuals will be difficult to conduct given the restrictions that are being put in place by the officials to protect the population. It has also become more difficult to travel to other countries since many countries have come up with bans that will not allow individuals from other nations to enter their countries. Working from home ensures that you remain in employment since you will be able to work remotely and earn an income that will keep you afloat in the difficult financial times ahead. With so many bans and restrictions that will not allow people to move from one place to another in order to reduce the rate of transmission of the virus, working remotely since to be the only option that will leave people employed. Unfortunately, the continuous spread of the virus will leave so many people unemployed since not all occupations allow people to work remotely.

3. Fewer Human Contacts Reduce Spread of the Virus

We have already established that the virus needs human contact to spread. When we work from home, we reduce the number of people that we interact with physically. This reduces any chances of getting infected or infecting our families. It is very difficult to control the number of that we are in contact within the office setting. If a single person gets infected in the workplace, it could spell doom for the rest of the employees. When you work from your house, you are able to control the number of people that come into the house and hence limit the chances that you or any other member of your family will get infected through contact with an insider. This is highly advantageous since all the devices that you touch as you work, including personal computers, are safe from the virus as well as things such as utensils and door handles. This cannot be guaranteed in the office setting, which is why it is more beneficial to work from home to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

4. Reduces the time wasted commuting and risk of infection

Unfortunately, many individuals have acquired the virus by coming into contact with infected surfaces on their way to and fro work. In the public transport system, for example in the buses and trains, it is also easy for an individual to sneeze and through the respiratory droplets, transmit the virus to others. When you work from home, you will not need to use the bus, train, or plane to move from your house to the workplace. This is highly advantageous because you will be able to use the hours that you use commuting to get some work done and also stay away from people that may be infected. As one commute, they are likely to touch or press buttons on their way that may leave them exposed. Some of the most common places of transmission of the virus have been identified as elevator buttons, escalator holds, and the seats in trains and buses where people have to hold on.

5. Remote work methods are safer

It has become apparent that the Coronavirus mostly spreads through droplets or fomites. This means that you need to be very close to an infected individual for transmission to occur or touch a surface that such a person has touched. The virus is not airborne and cannot spread through the internet. When it comes to social distancing, it is difficult to establish what to recommend to people, and it is just important to ensure that you stay safe. The benefit of working from home is that you will not need to worry about getting into close contact with infected individuals unless you decide to. It is also imperative for workers to realize that the virus is most likely going to stick around for a while until governments can establish a proper way to control or to stop it. It is thus essential for companies to think of ways they can effectively manage remote workers. It is also important for you as an individual for you to think of a work-from-home strategy that will work for you.

6. Increases the number of hours that we spend with our family

Due to the nature of working from an office, many families never get to spend enough time together. In most cases, either both or one of the parents wakes up extremely early to go to work, and they also get back home very late in the evening. One of the benefits of working from home is that families will be able to spend time together during these difficult times. They will also be able to effectively protect other members of the family since they will be able to control people that visit the homes as well as stay away from the risk of infection. This is considered to be encouraging and also beneficial since the main caregivers will still be able to provide and protect their families at the same time. 

Working from home does not guarantee individuals that they will not contract the Coronavirus. It has, however, been identified as one of the ways through which we can delay getting the virus.

Populations all over the world have greatly suffered from the spread of the virus, and it is important that we establish real-time strategies that actually work. There are some benefits associated with working from home, and it is important that we all adopt the approach where applicable to ensure that we remain safe and healthy. Great companies like Peachy Essay that allow their workers to work from home have proven productive over the years since they have been able to properly organize their remote labor force. Adopting such a strategy is very important when protecting from the Coronavirus. 


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