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Creative Takes on the Gallery Wall from Florida Art Galleries 

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Let’s face it. We all love a great gallery wall at our homes. And believe it or not, there is no better way to showcase and display your artworks than showing it off like a salon-style so that everyone can see it.

However, we also know that each art collection is different and contrasting, calling for its own distinct and individual wall section based on the number and size of works you would want to hang. Also, the overall look and vibe you want to integrate and the design or layout of the space it lives in.

In this post, we have gathered or created a guide to making the perfect personal gallery wall on your home inspired by the art galleries in Florida. Read on to know more!

The Color Scheme

Color or tones play a significant role in almost every element of design. So, if you plan to take your gallery wall to the next level, consider the color first because it will most likely be the key element that unites all of your things together.

As an example, you can choose to display hot pink tone art pieces complemented by a mirror as it adds a warm metallic vibe to the entire collection. You can visit any art galleries such as Mac Art Galleries to get inspiration and ideas about playing with colors.

The Match

If you want your gallery wall to have a sense of uniformity and consistency but without the formality or protocol of a grid, then hang up pieces of art in coordinating frames. A combination of sizes in a matching finish and color will make up a look that feels put together and cohesive but not too, for the most part, structured. You will surely love this approach for showcasing related artworks, such as prints of insects and butterflies.

The Mix

There is no doubt that a gallery wall is for more than just a piece of art. Showcase and display the rest of your art collection from plaster busts to sconces to wall plates by hanging them together with conventional art pieces.

It is an excellent way to fill or saturate the blank space in your walls. Also, you can integrate a lived-in layer to the area and create a break from the traditional. The mix and match nature of the entire look makes it more versatile and adaptable because you can add art pieces as you look for them without reorganizing the whole wall. Think about this as the most excellent way to showcase a growing art collection.

The Throwback

If you want a rustic vibe, then the throwback is ideal for you. For example, the old-school, picture rail design detail meant for hanging and displaying artwork on the wall quickly, gets a revolutionary makeover by showcasing roped-wrapped craft wire utilized in place of conventional hangers.

It does not only add a bit of rustic vibe to the place, but it also adds more space and height to the room, especially with a low ceiling. Plus, it adds more drama to a room with a higher ceiling.

The Focal Point

This kind of gallery wall is, for the most part, all about creating a statement or focal point. All you have to do is to make a focal point in your room by hanging an oversize, large piece of mirror, art, or any other decor wall accent while adding a collection of small-scale artworks. This gallery wall arrangement works well for securing and fastening large pieces of furniture like a bed, desk, or sofa.

The Top-Down

You will find that a lot of gallery walls begin from the center and diverge outward, giving it an eclectic and loose vibe that we love. This gallery wall arrangement retains that vintage, classic vibe. However, the only difference is that it starts to form a straight line at the upper part of the layout. You can try this kind of arrangement with a combination of black and white prints, drawings, and photography for a contemporary vintage feel.

The Grid

For those who like that orderly-looking look, then look no further. The grid is the perfect arrangement for your gallery wall. It is a symmetrical look that is sure to give any space a classical appeal. Ensure to hang your artworks evenly to keep the sense of consistency and uniformity.


For sure, most people would love to have a gallery wall in their homes. And it is not difficult to see why. They are a perfect way to infuse pattern and color into space, allowing art lovers to display and showcase the collection they have. Gallery walls are the best. The creative takes above can undoubtedly help you out if you are planning to have a gallery wall in your home.

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