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Guide To Fitting Door Stops 

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If you want to prevent getting scuffed, scratched, or knocked on walls, then you should consider using door stops. These are quite cheap and are generally simple to fit which will save you money in the long term. This simple device will prevent damage to your walls and you won't need to spend money or time redecorating, re-plastering, or even repainting your walls. We will now look at how you can find, select, and properly fit door stops inside of your home.


The very first place to start is selecting the correct door stops according to the doors in your home. There are two types of door stops that come in a range of different finishes, you can even buy designer doorstops. These two are fixed post door stops and floor fitting door stops. The fixed post door stops are usually placed on walls or even on skirting boards that are located behind doors.


You can use the skirting board or wall door stops for all the different types of doors. However, the floor fixed doorstops should only be used for light doors or for doors where there isn't any mounting point. After you've decided on the best type of door stops to use, you can easily purchase them at any local hardware or even online.

Easy DIY

You can easily fix the wall or skirting board mounted door stops on your own, however, you should carefully do so. You should also carefully select the best position. In the event that you need to fit the doorstop against a cavity wall, then you'll have to get a wooden frame to fit onto it.


To start, you will have to fully open the door so that it is parallel to your wall. Then, mark the wall or skirting board where the edge of the door meets it.

Fixing Points

Then, you will need to measure 3 or 4 cms from that mark, inwards and mark the spot. You should be very careful when making these measurements and marking because if the doorstop is not properly fitted, this can cause even worse damage to the wall or door. If the doorstop is not placed at the edge of the door and more inwards, then it can potentially punch a hole into your door, especially if it is hollow.


Check the marked points a couple of times for accuracy and then drill a hole into each point. The diameter and depth of each hole should be according to the size of the screws and rawl plugs of the door stops that you purchased. Typically speaking, the depth should be around 30 mm and the diameter, 6 to 8mm.


After the two holes are accurately drilled, you will need to put in the rawl plugs deeply into the holes. Make sure that it doesn't project outwards. When completed, fix the door stop and make sure it is sturdy and works as it should.

Floor Mounted

When it comes to installing floor-mounted doorstops, the procedure is almost the same. However, when you need to mark the fixing point, this point will need to be marked upon your floor. Additionally, there should be 10 to 15cm of space between the wall and the doorstop to ensure that the door handles don't slam or knock onto the wall.

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