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How To Boost Employee Morale In Your Company

The business environment is challenging and competitive. If you want to succeed, you must ensure your employees are in high spirits and firing all cylinders. Fewer employee conversations, eye rolls, high turnover rates, diluted performances, and reduced collaboration are all signs of low morale in the workplace. To contain the free fall and increase efficiency and productivity, you need to think beyond financial packages. So, what can you do to improve employee morale?

  1. Give and show your employees affection

Your employees will give more when they see that you care about them - it's human nature. And you don't have to be extravagant to display affections; simple touches can work wonders. For instance, make sure you know the birthday of every employee, and give them a personalized gift. You can source for flocking printing resources and have t-shirts printed in bulk and with personalized messages at the start of the year. Take advantage of other special days. For instance, when someone is getting married, celebrating their anniversary or having a baby. Get them thoughtful gifts to celebrate special milestones in their lives. It may not be expensive gifts, but employees will appreciate and remember the affection you gave them.

  1. Be transparent

When employee morale is low, that is not the time to avoid conversations or hide problems. Listen to your employees and be transparent. They will respect your honesty, and you will be able to solve any issues together. Be transparent about customer feedback, new protocols, company updates, and more. 

  1. Hire from your own talent pool

Before bringing external hires, examine your own internal talent pool. You see, it is unfair to hire externally when you already have employees who have the necessary skills and qualifications. When your company offers chances for advancement and growth, employees are likely to stick around and give their all. Make an effort to discover the unique skills and talents of your employees so that you know who to promote when a chance arises. 

  1. Encourage genuine breaks

Only 20% of employees take a lunch break. Most employees find themselves skipping lunch or taking lunch at their desks due to too much work pressure and scrutiny. This makes them stressed and anxious. As an employer, you have to ensure the wellbeing of your workers. Have a policy requiring your employees to get away from their work stations and do anything but work. They can grab a cup of coffee, take a walk outside, or stretch their body, among other things. They will come back happier and refreshed. 

  1. Correct privately

Correcting an employee's behavior or performance is necessary. However, it can be embarrassing when you do it in front of other employees. The best place to discuss an ongoing performance-related issue or correcting behavior is behind a closed door. 

  1. Praise publicly

Who wouldn't want to be praised? People like to be praised; they thrive on it. It is for this reason that most companies celebrate Employee of the Week, Month, or Year. Create a habit of recognizing hard-working employees and positive trends with the company. When one of your employees makes a remarkable presentation, sale, or any outstanding achievement, praise them in front of other employees. Include incentives to accolades, such as a gift certificate or a bonus. Praising your employees in front of other employees motivates them to continue with the good work. 

  1. Set smaller goals

You have big goals for the year but set smaller weekly goals that will get you there. For instance, if your goal is to make $10 million this year, focus on getting 50 new customers every week. This will lead you to $10 million by the end of the year. Reward your employees for achieving a goal by giving them an afternoon off, a party, etc. This way, you make your goals realistic, and employees benefit from their hard work. 

  1. Vibrant office environment

A bland and boring office does do any good for the mood of your employees. It makes them feel like robots, especially those with monotonous tasks. Create an office environment that your employees not only enjoy but also feel energized and inspired to work from. A vibrant office environment should have comfortable furniture, bright colors, nice lighting, plants, and pictures.

  1. Health and lifestyle practice

Looking after your employees boosts their mood at the workplace. Let's face it. Employees are your greatest assets, and putting effort into their health and wellness can increase productivity, encourage teamwork, and reduce workplace accidents and sick leave.

Help your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to drop risky or unhealthy habits that they may have. For instance, weekly yoga sessions or evening runs with the team promotes a healthy lifestyle. Other ways to include:

  • Have a doctor visit the workplace and talk about common health issues

  • Offer a rebate, or organize onsite flu vaccinations

  • Provide incentives on health insurance

  • Encourage healthy eating - buy healthy meals for group meetings, provide free fruits, provide a fridge to encourage your employees to bring healthy food from home.

  1. Team building activities

Team building activities create strong bonds among employees and motivate them, which creates a positive working environment. These activities help to improve productivity, boost workplace morale, and employees get to know each other better, which improves internal communication. Find fun and challenging team activities that your team will love.

  1. Allow and encourage them to personalize their space

By personalizing their space, the environment reflects them. It increases their connection with the workplace, which improves productivity. Personalizing your space includes such things as placing familiar objects around you. It can be a picture frame of your family or a funny screensaver of your pet. 


Improving the morale of your employees does not have to be costly or difficult. Simple things such as listening to them, showing affection, praising them in front of others, and showing them that you care about their health and wellbeing will boost employees' morale. In turn, this increases productivity, which benefits your business. 

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