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Jamarl Rickard 

You won't see this part-time thrift store junkie buying any knockoffs from China Town

UNC Charlotte senior Jamarl Rickard's personal style brings a taste of the Big Apple to the Queen City. A self-proclaimed "hybrid," Rickard split his childhood between Winston Salem, N.C. and New York City. At first glance, you'd think his classy attire came from one of Manhattan's most exclusive boutiques. But he is quick to inform you that he's "not a big label person." You won't see this part-time thrift store junkie buying any knockoffs from China Town. "If I can't afford it, I just don't wear it," he says.

When it comes to Rickard's personal style, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. "My dad has probably 99 percent influenced my style," he says. "He has the proper attire for every situation; he's just really well-rounded when it comes to fashion." Rickard admits that he occasionally snags a few pieces from one of the two walk-in closets at his dad's house. "If you like everything in your closet, you can never look bad."

You won't see this style stalker dress down for class — he proudly proclaims that he doesn't own a pair of sweatpants. "A trendsetter is obviously someone who tries to break the boundaries and sticks with it," he says. "If you do it one day, that's great, but if you do it every day, that's amazing."

Fur Scarf: Michael Kors in Concord Mills

"It's so bold and classic at the same time. It's a statement piece."

Blazer: Goodwill in University

"I actually found this blazer thrifting. I got it for $2! Thrifting is not like going to a department store, but if you take your time, you can find decent stuff."

White-collar shirt: Banana Republic

"I like the classic look with a blazer and a simple shirt, but I also like something that stands out. I try to incorporate both into my style."

Pants: Banana Republic

"I rolled them up at the bottom to give them more of an edge."

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

I've had these since high school. I love the camel-rose color; that's why I chose them. They last forever if you take care of them, and they're really comfortable."

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