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Letters to the Editor (Nov. 28 edition) 

Hidden Valley Responds

I have been closely following the fallout regarding the article that was written last week about Hidden Valley (HV) ("The Heart of Hidden Valley," by Ryan Pitkin, Nov. 14). I was horrified when I saw your cover page and the heading concerning HV ["Long considered the most dangerous place in Charlotte, Hidden Valley tries to start anew"].

I am not sure if any of you are from Charlotte or how long you have been here. However, I have lived in Hidden Valley since the early '70s. This development at one time was considered an upper middle-class neighborhood. Former mayor Harvey Gantt resided here, as well as Gerald Johnson of the Charlotte Post, many doctors, attorneys and many other outstanding families that are too numerous to name. Everyone was proud to say they lived here, unlike one of the students you interviewed. I, like so many others, have seen the decline of HV. It would have been nice if you introduced the "Glory Days" of HV prior to the remainder of your article.

Over the years I have enjoyed your publication. But this latest ploy of sensational iconography is a bit too much.

— Betty Pride, Charlotte

I read with interest your article on Hidden Valley in last week's Creative Loafing. While crime may still prevail in Hidden Valley, it in no way defines Hidden Valley and its residents. Our community definitely should not have been portrayed in the vein that it was. Your article seems as though you were still writing as an intern, searching for something sensational to write about. I, as many of the residents in Hidden Valley, am curious to know why you chose to write about Hidden Valley in such a derogatory manner. We are also curious as to whether or not you tried to reach out to the leaders/officers of the Hidden Valley Association for your article? And while you included a quote "about" Michael Barnes, City Councilman for District 4, did you in fact reach out to him for his input regarding Hidden Valley for your article?

It has been suggested that you come to the next community meeting in Hidden Valley, so you can explain why you chose to write about our community in the manner that you did. Maybe this is something you should consider. Maybe you should also embark on a series of articles about Hidden Valley that could lead to an award-winning article or recognition, if that is what you are seeking.

— Bridget Wall-Lennon, Raleigh, (reared in Hidden Valley since the 2nd grade)

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