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Nightlife profile: Emily Shedrow 

Emily Shedrow describes herself on Twitter as "sarcastic and slightly vulgar with a love for food and an appreciation for a good drink ... trivia host." You can find her Tuesdays at Pub at Gateway and Thursdays at Dilworth Billiards, when the crowd gets rowdy. The second Tuesday of every month, Shedrow turns up the trivia heat at Pub at Gateway for "Dirty Trivia" night, where boys and girls test their knowledge of sex fetishes and swanky unmentionables. Shedrow admits she likes to be the one to ask the questions, but this time the tables have turned and she was the one with all of the answers.

Creative Loafing: How creative do players get with their team names during "Dirty Trivia"?

Emily Shedrow: Oh, they are pretty cleaver; we have done awards at Pub at Gateway for the funniest team names. Some of the best names I can remember off of the top of my head are: "My Name is Emily and I Wish My Mike was a Cock," "My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't," and my favorite would have to be "Rattlesnakes and Condoms, Two Items I Don't Fuck With."

What is the one trivia topic Charlotteans just suck at?

I hate to say it, but it is current events — the more academic questions. Especially at Pub, where there is a younger crowd, people don't do so well at history or science. At Pub, the crowd does better at 420 movies and advertisement slogans, whereas at Dilworth, the crowd is more academic and does better with those types of questions.

In honor of your love for Charlotte restaurants, do you ever base trivia categories on restaurants or bars in and around the Queen City?

Oh yeah, I like to do categories on different neighborhoods — Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth, Dilworth and Uptown — burger joints, pizza places, sushi bars. There are times I do a category on new places opening up that I've heard things about.

I also ask questions about local bars where Charlotteans can go to play pool, darts or arcade games like Big Buck Hunters.

Since many of your trivia groupies are categorized as the "older crowd," would you say trivia has become the new Bingo?

[Laughs] Maybe to some extent; the older crowd is just a little more reliable. But I keep it new and fresh with a good mix of questions and categories for the older and younger crowd, so in that sense it can't become Bingo.

What is your favorite nightlife spot in Charlotte?

I'm kind of a hole-in-the-wall and dive bar kind of girl. Elizabeth Billiards is a great place to go; it's small, you get free pool and I really like playing darts. Trivia gives me enough of a rowdy atmosphere, so I like a more mellow and relaxed hangout where I can go to have a drink.

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