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Office Productivity Starts With Choosing the Best Office Chair 

Sit right and say bye to back pain with an ergonomic chair

The time is now, to turn your office space into a comfortable and inviting center of productivity. This all starts with selecting the best chair with the unique support you need to elevate your work experience. One of the most important features is adjustability. There are various adjustments assembled in a single chair and the number of adjustments can vary anywhere between five to 14. You will spend a lot of time in your office chair so it's important to understand what features are important to have so you that make the best purchase.
Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. Let us have a look at some cool features present in an ergonomic chair and how it can exceed the expectations of its users by providing excellent support and great comfort.

Backrest - The backrest portion of the chair is very wide and is up to 12 to 19 inches. If the backrest is not connected to the seat then it should have adjustment features so that the height and angle can be easily adjusted. Sometimes the height of the backrest is not adjustable but it supports changing of angles in the forward and backward position. It also helps to support the natural spine curve.

Lumbar Support - There is an inward curve in the lower spine of a human body and if a person sits for too long without proper support then the position may lead to slouching. The chair should have the facility of lumbar adjustment available so that required support is provided to the lower back portion and inward curve of the spine.

Position and Height - When you are sitting on your chair for too long then it is quite obvious that you will have to change your position and you cannot sit in the same position throughout. The chairs can make this posture change comfortable and some of the upper body weight will be shifted to the backrest. You can adjust the tension controls of the chair.

Headrests - Extra neck and head support are easily provided by the office chairs by the headrests attached to some chairs. They provide extra relaxing to the body and also help to increase the blood flow. The headrest is used for slightly inclined chairs.

Choosing an office chair can be overwhelming and confusing because of the huge variety available in the market. To narrow your search, various features can be considered when making a final choice of ergonomic chairs. It provides good support to your lower back and promotes good posture. Some characteristics must be present in the office chairs so that they can provide needed support.

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