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For the week of July 6, 2005

For All Signs We are in the three-week zone prior to Mercury turning retrograde. From the perspective of earth, Mercury appears to be reducing its speed. The symbolism suggests that business plans, travel and communications that are begun during this pre-retrograde period may require much longer to complete than is expected at initiation. The message of the planet is to “pause, reflect, and think again before proceeding.” Be prepared for plans to change one or more times as we move through the next seven weeks.

Aries A project begun during March-April arrives at a turning point. You must either invest more deeply or let it go. Your planetary ruler is crossing an eclipse point that harkens from April. It is now or never on a new project that is marked with your personal stamp.

Taurus This may be the week that an illusion about your job or life direction is fractured. If you fell in love with a person, thing, or an idea in February, the honeymoon is over. You are presented with the reality and must decide whether it is worth it to keep.

Gemini Disorienting circumstances of February are now up for revelation. You want to know the truth and are not afraid to ask for it. ou may never truly know the facts behind it. However, you are in a forgiving frame of mind, unless someone has lied to you.

Cancer Holding to your course is a challenge during this period. You must review whether it is the right direction for you now. You may be on the verge of a breakthrough that comes before the end of the month. Until that time, call upon your courage and self-discipline.

Leo Personal fears and loss of courage may cause you to consider dropping a new project that was begun in the spring. Give it 16 more days and review the situation again. If your attitude has not improved significantly, maybe it was blighted from the beginning.

Virgo Circumstances in your work life or daily routine may be confusing right now. You may learn about some not so pleasant things that are spoken about you by one who entered your life in Jan-Feb. Do not worry. You have a guardian angel on your side.

Libra A thoroughly confusing episode from February is now reopened for discussion. You seek truth and will be willing to ask for it. Whether you get what you want is unclear. The issue involves a lover, coworker, or a child.

Scorpio You can now see that changes involving the workplace that have been occurring since spring are truly for your long term benefit. Take the plunge on starting an educational project or a new career. You can see what you are “meant to do.”

Sagittarius There is potential for power games concerning what to think. It may be strictly in your own mind, as in obsessing over a single idea to the exclusion of all others. If this is something you really need to concentrate upon, stay with it. If not, focus your attention elsewhere.

Capricorn There are no fresh aspects for the Goats this week. Your ruling planet will change signs before the end of the month. This occurs only once every three years, so it is significant. You may be in a twit, attempting to finish all projects and clear space for changes.

Aquarius Activities concerning legal, educational, travel, or expansive matters are temporarily delayed. Wait for the dust to clear. You are hearing a lot about what you ought to do right now. It may appear that you aren’t dealing with reality, thus attracting such advice.

Pisces Now is the time to evaluate your financial situation related to credit and taxes. Otherwise you may go too far on expenditures. Do not trust only your own judgment. Talk with a trusted advisor. You may be spending far too many of your resources this summer.

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