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For the week of July 21 – July 27, 2005

For All Signs Mercury, the planet that rules communications, common business practice and travel, turns retrograde on July 22 and will remain so until Aug. 15. During this period it is best to gather data and double check facts. Contracts are better completed after the period is finished. Ideas conceived now may be discovered later to have flaws or missing information. Projects that are begun during the cycle often cannot be completed until several months later, at the next retrograde.

Aries Make a specific effort to slow your pace and your decisions at this time. Your mind is rolling way too fast for your body. It's a setup for an accident or an explosive emotional experience. If you are aware of the rise in your temper, talk things over with a trusted friend.

Taurus Venus, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, and romance. There may be challenges and difficulties to resolve here before you can flow on to the brighter side of these territories. Don't allow negative thought to influence you now.

Gemini Read the lead paragraph carefully because Mercury is your ruling planet, so it will have more effect upon you than some of the other signs. On this retrograde trip, Mercury may cause you to go back to former circumstances related to lovers and/or neighbors.

Cancer Now that Saturn has moved out of your sign (for the next 30 years), you can to breathe a sigh of relief. Everything is not yet rosy, but you have a lot of work accomplished and the picture is looking more stable and clear. You may experience mild conflict with a woman mid-week.

Virgo During this Mercury retrograde period it will be really important to give attention to the needs of your body and your psyche. Old wounds, whether literal or figurative, may be brought to your attention. You may wish to consult a therapist that can help you.

Libra A bit of R&R is in order. You are in need of some time for introspection and reflection. Now is a good time for relative withdrawal into the quiet. Circumstances of health may press you to be still. Take it easy. Avoid obsessing over old emotional wounds.

Scorpio The period of this Mercury retrograde will be most prominent for you in the arenas of career/life direction. It may be a challenge to make a decision in this area, so just go with the flow and watch things change. Toward the end of the week the pace is rapid.

Sagittarius Circumstances concerning travel, legal matters, education, and/or publishing may shift into reverse or simply evolve into something unexpected during the next few weeks. Do not consider any decision in these areas to be set in stone.

Capricorn It is clear that you must take a serious attitude about investments, resources that you share with partner(s), insurance, and other savings vehicles. Given that Mercury is presently retrograding, search out information now and decide upon solutions late in August.

Aquarius Waterbearers are known for their reserve and cool in challenging times. This week so many may lay problems at your feet that you are ready to run out the door. Double check difficult news. When Mercury is retrograde, things are not always what they seem, and that includes negativity.

Pisces The normally docile fish may be quick of temper this week. You are focused on issues concerning money, property, and legal matters. Things may not be going so smoothly and you might shock yourself and also others with the heat of your anger.

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