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Thou Shalt Not Obey The Supreme Court 

And other silly notions

TUESDAY, JUNE 28 Tom Keigher, chairman of the Gaston County Commission, said he will not ask county staff to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the county courthouse despite the Supreme Court's ruling against such displays. Keigher, undeterred by concepts such as "upholding the law of the land" or "knowing what you're talking about," explained that "our forefathers used those precepts for the basis of our judicial system."

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29The town of Kannapolis, racked by massive layoffs and an abysmal economy, has figured out how to save the day: by creating "The Dale Trail," a self-directed walking tour of sites that celebrate the late Dale Earnhardt, a native of the town north of Charlotte. The executive director of the county visitor's bureau, Ann Sternal, told the Observer, "We're quite excited about the project." And who wouldn't be excited? Just knowing you'll be led to the same restaurant where The Intimidator ordered his favorite sandwich (tomato on white bread with Miracle Whip) is enough to drive any attraction-starved tourist absolutely wild.

THURSDAY, JUNE 30Bank of America bought out credit card giant MBNA for $35 billion. More than 6,000 people are expected to lose their jobs. Kind of makes you proud to live in Charlotte, huh?

Utah resident Kari Smith had "" tattooed on her forehead in exchange for $10,000. Cultural trend watchers do not expect Smith's stunt to encourage others to follow her example.

FRIDAY, JULY 1Holiday deadlines force us to wrap up this column early. So, by popular demand, I am enlisting helpful spirits to deliver predictions of what will happen in the next few days. If they're not precisely accurate, don't blame me, I'm just the channel.

People left work early Friday to get a jump on the Fourth of July weekend. OK, that one was easy.

SATURDAY, JULY 2Fireworks sales in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, grew to record numbers as Charlotteans, confident that the recent rains would keep their lawns from catching fire, lined up to buy tons of decorative explosives. This is a longstanding tradition, even though the exploding of fireworks inside city limits is illegal here. Luckily, South Carolina has all the fireworks you could hope for since they're not as squeamish as North Carolinians about having their fingers blown off.

SUNDAY, JULY 3News media reported that at least 35 people are now offering various parts of their body as ad space to the highest bidder.

MONDAY, JULY 4President George W. Bush celebrated Independence Day by referring to the 9/11 tragedy more than 100 times during the day.

TUESDAY, JULY 5I'm on vacation (or I will be when you read this), so Another Week Already will not be in next week's edition of CL.

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