Friday, February 29, 2008

A bunch of y'all are just plain spammers!

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Okay, I get it — there are CIAA parties going on this weekend. But y'all damned promoters know that you're having these parties months and months beforehand. Stop with the damned e-mail blasts already! One e-mail is enough. Thirty, that's just too damned many.

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SNCC passes the torch

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Four Civil Rights activists planted some serious seeds in fertile ground, as moderator Steve Crump put it, at the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee panel discussion Feb.26 at Central Piedmont Community College.

Members of the SNCC, or “Snick” panel, included Efia Nwangaza, Ira Grupper, Isaac Coleman and Theresa El-Amin. The discussion was led by moderator Steve Crump, WBTV journalist and award-winning documentary film-maker.

Each panelist stressed the importance of inter-generational discussion. We have to face up to the fact that injustice is still here, Coleman said, explaining that the same problems he faced still exist in new manifestations.

Grupper spoke passionately about what civil rights meant to him and how racism is still very much a problem today, putting the responsibility on young people’s shoulders. We need to learn from you, he said to the audience, joking that they are just too old to take the beatings anymore.

You have to know history, said El-Amin, and know that you can make it every day.



(Chey Scott)

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Better than broccoli

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Just because you prefer home cooked meals doesn't mean you have to slave away every day on gourmet dinners. Though many of us would prefer it, most just don't have that kind of time. Home cooking still has to be simple, quick and hopefully yummy. But sometimes it all seems to get old: steak and potatoes with a salad, chicken and asparagus, pork and green beans.

How about something easy to switch up with the broccoli you eat once a week? No one ever seems to think of broccolini. It's right there next to cauliflower and brussel sprouts — two other veggies no one ever seems to attempt to add to their meal plan. If you're sick of all the usual suspects, broccolini is the perfect substitute.

A hybrid of the cabbage family, broccolini is a cross between broccoli and kai-lan (Chinese broccoli) and has much more character and a sweeter flavor than the traditional alternative. If preferred, the "baby broccoli," as it is also known, can be eaten raw, but the most common cooking methods are sauteeing, steaming, roasting or stir frying — but keep it short and sweet; you dont want to over cook it. The result will be a tender, sweet taste with a "broccoli like bite."

The next time you're grocery shopping and thinking how sick you are of eating asparagus and carrots, pick up a bundle of the little veggie that could. It's packed with nutrients and is just as basic to prepare as the conventional stuff.


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News Roundup, 2/29/08

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UNC-Charlotte football would boost students fees by $300 a year: Bringing football to UNC-Charlotte is going to cost a lot. The school did a study finding that school fees would increase to $300 a year. From the study conducted by the school there was no indication as to were the $70 million to $120 million needed to build a football stadium and facilities.

Full story:

NC tax preparer gets prison time for filing $6M in false returns: Lloyd Anthony Bastfield,

Charlotte tax preparer, was sentenced Feb. 28 to about six years in prison after he was said to have claimed nearly $6 million in false tax refunds. A U.S. District Court judge sentenced Bastfield to 70 months and he was ordered to pay more than $6 million.

Full story:

N.C. Flu cases continue to rise:The state Department of Health Services said that last week was the second-highest number of flu-like cases they saw since the monitoring of the flu began in 2002. State health officials said people need to was their hands, cover their mouths when they cough and stay home when you get sick.

Full story:

— Kia Moore


New Iron Man trailer

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The newest trailer for the Iron Man movie just went online.

And it rocks ass.

Here's the link:

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McCain & the anti-Catholic bigot

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During the last Clinton-Obama debate, NBC's Tim Russert got so worked up while "pressing" Obama over the Louis Farrakhan endorsement, I thought his head would explode. I'd like to know if Russert plans to be as belligerent the next time he speaks to John McCain. Specifically, I want to see whether Russert, or anyone else in the national media for that matter, will confront McCain about his endorsement by Rev. John Hagee, a well-financed and notorious anti-Catholic bigot.

Hagee, an evangelist in San Antonio, came roaring out of his mega-church pulpit for McCain this week. He's a strong supporter of Israel — or rather, he's part of that odd group of rightwing Christians who "support" Israel's right to exist because they want it to be around so it can be destroyed during the Second Coming, thus justifying their bizarre interpretations of Revelations (I swear this country is going nuts). He also hates Muslims and gays, of course, thinks U.S .foreign policy should be designed to bring about Armageddon, and believes Americans' sins brought on Hurricane Katrina. In other words, like many members of the religious right, his religion has driven him batshit crazy.

Beyond his Rapturous beliefs, Hagee has also written at length about the Catholic Church, calling it "an apostate church," "The Great Whore," a "false cult system," and, of course, "the anti-Christ." Believe me, Catholics are not a voter bloc McCain wants to piss off.

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It's hard out here for a pimp

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Thursday night at the CIAA was a show. First of all, Floyd "Money" Mayweather, marched into Bobcats arena with nine dudes. Maybe it's just me, but why does a man who knocks people the hell out for a living need so many security guards?

You expect to see Mr. CIAA dressed in loud and colorful suits. But on regular everyday dudes, well, it just looks like big pimping. There was a man in a hot pink suit, and he thought he looked good. I thought, it's a little early for Easter, sir. And then there was the Bishop Don Juan wannabe in the burgandy fur coat. He even had a glittering gold tooth to go along with his outfit.

Check out the pictures.



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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

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Yo. Flight of the Conchords rocks ass. For real.


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A pat on our back

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Creative Loafing is proud to announce the fact that we're the shit.

In the 2007 NCPA News, Editorial and Photojournalism Contest, two of our entries won first place. Not second place. Not stinky third place. FIRST place.

In the category of News Feature Writing, reporter Karen Shugart won for her story "Casualities of War." Read it here.

And in the category of Lighter Columns, John Grooms won for three selections from his Boomer With Attitude column. Read them: "Mommy, can I stone the queer?"; "Overkill? What overkill?"; and "Do it yourself campaign ads."

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CIAA photos

Posted By on Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:58 PM

Check out some pics we snapped over the first few days of the CIAA tournament. All photos by Erica L. Singleton:

  • Power 98 radio personality Consuella sings the National Anthem at the CIAA tournament Feb. 27.
  • ciaa1-1.jpg

  • The West Charlotte High School band breaks it down at the Bobcats Arena Feb. 27.
  • ciaa1-2.jpg

  • A CIAA attendee naps on day one of the women’s tournament games Feb. 26.
  • ciaa1-3.jpg

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