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Faith and Spirituality Among Us All 

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Photo by Federico Respini

As we are now approaching the end of this calendar year, we reflect.. What have we ALL learned thus far in 2020? What choices have we decided to make in life according to the divine and our awareness of the known reality? 2020 has been challenging and it's important to reflect on the impacts of these unprecedented times.

Many of you reading this are currently living among each other within this great Nation we call America. This country was founded on Freedom and Liberty with the pursuit of happiness for ALL people. The land of the brave and free to create and bring ideas to life. The American dream is alive and well. The American farmer is a prime example explaining the faith for the divine to work with nature as a collaboration for new creation, foods for animals, and humans all across the earth. Having to put their trust by faith for the rains to bring water down to the crops. Then the products and services that come into play for society to function accordingly helping humanity to bond and thrive with the natural environment around the human-made habitat for communities to work together as a unit or family. 

One With Nature
Faith can be explained on several different levels for mankind within this era of humanity, an orphanage is one whole family living together. Despite not share the same biological mothers, a guardian is there to teach them about Life and how to work together with the other people around them. Now explaining the purpose of Faith in any situation combining with spirituality this can propel us as a collective into a free energy future for everybody on this planet. As we continue to trust each other by working in unity thus forming an unbreakable bond powered by all the forces of Nature. This is essential that we focus on Nature for the betterment of everybody as even yoga can be explained by using Faith in yourself... Your own heart, mind, and soul to trust in the divine guidance which can help you heal or strengthen your body to become healthier and ready for any type of battle this life might try to give you as a trial or tribulation to learn something in a new way.

I believe we are collectively shifting to a new realization of what true faith within ALL aspects of Life and the multiple different types of spirituality we can learn in order to pursue greater forms of experience. Whether one is hiking a mountain by their self alone or writing a book for others, faith truly does have multiple forms of trusting the true truth combined with being worthy of accepting the healing from above either to self or humanity. Expressions are released naturally for experiencing one’s own emotions relating to the environment where they are, whether on a fishing boat, in a car, a plane or casually walking, our faith can be displayed naturally by how we are portraying our true nature of the soul. Breathing is another reminder and example of us all as a collective must always trust in the divine Power to keep us alive when we go to sleep at night to wake up a few hours later, or the scuba divers that exercise an immense amount of faith with their occupation.

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  • Photo by Zac Durant

Spirituality is an ongoing process with humanity and the evolution of the soul relating to most religions, martial arts, music, and lots of other forms expressing from the soul connection with Spirit. There are several types of spirits or forms of just as faith is so similar and plays its own role within spirituality. This reality is currently shaping our eminent future where we are going to experience an abundance of anything pertaining to creating health and sustainability for everybody. I believe we are striving for this together thus creating what is necessary just like the previous revolutions within society for new innovative and environmentally respectful according to nature and the natural process of life on earth. When we choose to "Live by Faith" combing nature and spirituality we can Help to create a better way of life for everybody.

We need to advocate for growing fruit trees within the city parks and have central gardens for the less fortunate people who need more organic crops to implement into their cities' food production for local restaurants to use in their ingredients! Natural food from nature has a charged form of spiritual energy produced from mother Nature and then harnessed into the plants to create the corps for foods or goods to provide services for others such as bamboo or hemp.

Food forests with investments on land for growing any type of plant to be used as a food source, good/service, medicines, and other products or natural resources can help us end famines and starvation. I believe by using the brand OWN we can establish a foundation in Charlotte to create a non-profit organization for sustainability with nature. "ONE- "humanity" With Nature" for all life forms on earth, we can co-create with creation in order to thrive together.

Please email me at so we can collaborate and give this vision some Life force energy by helping each other collaborate with ideas that can cause a collective benefit for everybody...

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  • Photo by Billy Pasco

Fruit for thought via Edgar Wise

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