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Faith & Family

7 Prayers For Our President 1

Fire Alarm

OPINION: Careful Poll Trolls, Gabbard Would Likely Win

Even if the polls are fake, Gabbard’s strength is real

Fire Alarm

OPINION: Create Reform, Not Socialism

Health & Wellness

10 Tips For Communicating With Dementia Sufferers

Senior Care Center’s 10 Tips for Communicating With Dementia Sufferers

Faith & Family

5 Things You Should Say to Your Child Everyday

Hemp Express


The CLog

You're the Best... of Charlotte 11

A shout out to the staff

The CLog

Listen Up: Cuzo Key and FLLS Go 'Universal' on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 62

The CLog

Listen Up: KANG is Back and Bla/Alt on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 61

Savage Love

When Work Interferes With Pleasure 2


The CLog

Simple Rules How Not to Be That Person at a Show 1

Don't be a douche

The CLog

Listen Up: Adrian Crutchfield Blows It Down on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 60

Savage Love


Just the tips

Editor's Notes

Belton Platt Listens for the Word

When God speaks

The CLog

Listen Up: It Looks Sad. Turns That Frown Upside Down on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 59

Editor's Notes

The Cider Industry in Charlotte is Growing, Be Sure Not to Ignore It

Time to give cider a try

Savage Love

Hearts and Minds

Picking up where you left off

The CLog

Listen Up: SideNote Becomes Available on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 58

The CLog

Keeping N.C. Politicians Honest 1

A Florence fact check

Savage Love

Needs and Deeds 1

Finding fulfillment

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