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CHARLOTTE, N.C. | "Life has no filter, so why should I"? – Meet Janiah Tashae 

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On January 1, 2019, Janiah Tashae launched the F.I.Y.E. Podcast, “Real Music. Real Life. Real Talk.”

Inspiring confidence and capability in today’s generation is very important. After all, if you have an idea and you have the passion, nothing should hold you back from trying. In a world of dreamers, this Charlotte native is a do-er, turning her goals into reality.

"I'd like to consider myself an optimist, music enthusiast, and an up-and-coming talk-show host. I also have a beautiful love for Christ, so my content will contain a lot of inspiration & encouragement," her website reads.
This is one of Miss Tashe's favorite quotes.

After seeing a resurgence in the podcast industry, Janiah Tashae did not hesitate to strategically plan and capitalize on this opportunity to enter the market. She was right. A new study shows 51% (144 million) of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast – up from 44% in 2018 (Infinite Dial 19).

Born and raised in the Charlotte area, Janiah has always dreamed of having her own day-time talk show. A cross between Ellen and Oprah, serious but also light-hearted and fun for everyone. She finds joy in genuine, thought-provoking conversations. Known to others as “the talkative friend,” and often playing devil's advocate, Miss Tashae hopes to open another perspective that many of us choose to ignore.

A first-generation college graduate on both sides of her family, Janiah credits her drive and ambition to wanting to make her family proud.

Janiah attended Central Academy of Technology & Arts as a Dance Major and graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a degree in Media Studies and a minor in African American studies. She enjoyed studying media, screenwriting, and video news casting and applies what she learned to her weekly podcast production. While a student at UNCG, Janiah worked at 102 Jamz, a Triad radio station, where they allowed her to practice and create with their equipment. This made it easier for her to attain the professional show host feel she imagined. She started thinking of logos, topics, and of course one of her favorite components, the music. She absolutely loves playing music at the end of every episode, not only to promote talented local artists but to bring the conversation to a proper ending. “Music is life. Music always seals the deal,” she says.

Topics on F.I.Y.E, which stands for “Flava In Ya Ear," can vary from relationships, college, millennial life, health, politics, science, family and more. You name it and she is open to talk about it.

“My podcast is different from the others because I believe a conversation is pointless if you’re not learning anything new. On this show we don’t just like to gossip and talk about the latest news, but I also invite and encourage professionals to come on the show and educate the listeners on whatever the topic is about. My goal is to create a show appealing and beneficial for everyone, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a little flavor. So this show is spunky, super cool and educating.”
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Listeners are clearly pleased by the podcast and have left thoughtful feedback. These Ratings and Reviews speak for themselves. The F.I.Y.E. podcast has the highest Apple rating you can recieve, five stars.

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“Loved this episode. Kept it real and tasteful. Hopefully will open the door to more conversations about the black family,” one listener said.

“Just finished your pilot episode. This was super good. Love the flow, the organic feel, and community engagement that you have built with your audience. Commentary was great. This is coming from someone who hosts his own podcast. Stay dope with content. Loved it,” another listener posted.
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The 22-year-old is also a singer and songwriter. She’s been singing since she could formulate words and started writing professionally her freshman year of high school.
“I come from a very musically inclined family, on my mother’s side and my father’s side so I grew an extreme love for music at a very young age. I started writing my own shorts songs as early as the 4th grade and I recorded my first official song in the studio at the age of 11. Now I’m currently working on another music project, expected to be out this year.“

Janiah emphasises the importance of family and turns to hers for inspiration and encouragement.

“I’m extremely blessed to have both parents in the home who always pushes me to reach for the stars. My brother is also a creative, producing music for celebrities in the hip hop/r&b industry so we’re always bouncing off ideas, using our music almost as therapy.”

You can tune in to listen to Janiah’s podcast on Apple Podcast or SoundCloud. She is excited to share that the F.I.Y.E. Podcast will be visual soon! Not only will you be able to listen to it via your phone but you will be able to watch it via YouTube or Instagram, so stay tuned.

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Visit Janiah's personal website here:
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