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CYBUR, an artificial intelligence firm, is offering to aid small businesses struck by Covid-19 

These are exceptionally difficult times for small business owners. This web design firm is offering free help to those businesses that have been affected by Covid-19.

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Led by its CEO, Charles Glar, CYBUR, an artificial intelligence web design firm, is reaching out to help small business owners who are struggling to survive amidst the pandemic.

CYBUR has managed to create an innovative web building system that has helped companies worldwide launch their websites. Charles Glar, the CYBUR's CEO, is offering the company's premium business service and e-commerce services for free to small business owners that are struggling to keep their companies afloat.

During the coming six months, CYBUR will be offering dozens of features to those in need. These services include website design, AI and human support, monthly analytics reports, marketing guidance, and global support. Furthermore, e-commerce support also provides these small companies with the aforementioned features alongside multilingual capabilities and shipping and tax support.

Over 10,000 have already worked with CYBUR and have designed their websites, which helped them grown their clientele and solidify their online presence.

CYBUR can achieve astounding results by letting their AI system process data from a given company and its current website to come up with an SEO-optimized website that targets that company's customer base. The AI system is also guided by human experts that add their own touch to the website to make it even more unique and special. CYBUR also provides support even after the website's launch so the company can get free consultations and guidance to improve their website.

CYBUR prides itself not only on its adaptability but also on its incredible speed. The company can draft an initial mockup of the website in no more than a minute. Then, the customer can give their feedback and begin customizing the website to their heart's content.

Furthermore, websites that are made by CYBUR are never outdated thanks to AI technology, which analyzes current trends and adapts accordingly. This gives the company a lot of flexibility compared to other existing options.

In the wake of the pandemic, every business has been hit hard, and smaller businesses have taken an even worse hit. By May 2020, over 100,000 U.S. companies have shut down.

CYBUR's CEO, Charles Glar, has seen this as an opportunity to reach out to small business owners and offer free help to keep them afloat. “During the pandemic, l realized that businesses needed a platform that would help them thrive in the post-COVID era,” he said. “Many businesses need help adapting to a more technologically driven environment.”

Charles Glar believes that maintaining a robust online presence is a key factor for any company to surviving the pandemic and staying in touch with its customer base.

Charles Glar also stated that small businesses from over 100 industries would be eligible for these services for six months starting December 7, 2020. Glar is also planning on expanding CYBUR's free services to other industries around the world into 2022.

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