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From Recording Artist to Entertainment Attorney - Meet Andrew Covington 

Andrew Covington, Esq.

Andrew Covington, Esq.

Andrew Covington grew up with a passion for arts and entertainment. From an early age, he had his sights set on becoming a recording artist and traveling across the country performing his music. Over the years his career path shifted, but his passion for the industry remained the same. Today, Covington is a successful entertainment attorney and entrepreneur.

Stages, crowds, and competition are nothing new for Andrew Covington. Beginning in grade school his mother signed him up for local acting classes in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. At school, he was an active member of the marching band, jazz band, and played several sports.

Around age 12, his music skills really began to develop.

Covington's growing passion for music and entertainment inspired him to start rapping, writing lyrics, and making beats. Around the same time, entrepreneurial passions began to develop and he started getting involved with organizing teen party events which grew into planning and promoting nightlife events around the Raleigh area. Andrew had a growing list of clients and there was a market need for his services. This hobby turned into a business venture which is known today as The Cavali Group. The company is widely known for organizing and promoting concerts, nightlife, and community events.

Covington had achieved success as an entrepreneur at a young age. He graduated high school and enrolled at Campbell University. While in school studying Criminal Justice, he continued growing his company and worked full-time as a recording artist.
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"I went through a lot in the industry. I learned that the artist life is not for me but, rather a career behind the scenes. During my journey as an artist I was presented a contract that I did not understand. I was pressured to sign it before having a lawyer review it. Ironically I was interning at a law firm in Raleigh at the time. The lawyer I was working for looked over the contract for me and explained it to me. I noticed that the contract was not what I was looking for.. at all," shared Covington.

Andrew felt uneasy about the industry but was thankful that he had an attorney review the contract before he made the mistake. After talking to family and friends, he realized this happens all too often.

"This shifted my drive to make music for the worse. At this point in my life I decided I wanted to go back to school to become a lawyer and educate others about their contracts. I wanted to learn how I could get artists the best deals possible. I decided I wanted to educate others about their rights when it comes to music. I wanted to save other artists from losing their musical inspiration to a bad contract."

The intangible factor that truly separates Covington from most others in this industry, is his relentless positivity and grit.

In 2013, Andrew finished up his undergraduate education at Campbell University and started studying for the LSAT while he grew The Cavali Group. He was traveling to concerts, organizing events, and working around the clock. Driven and motivated, he was determined to pursue a career in law and that led him to Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina.

"One of my biggest challenges I have faced is Law School. After undergrad I became an entrepreneur, so I was used to doing things on my timing. It was really hard disciplining myself to focus on the demanding law school curriculum to meet requirements and deadlines," says Covington.

Elon Law was recently recognized on Princeton Review’s top 10 list of “Most Competitive Students,” a category that reflects the level of student commitment to studying outside the classroom, and the degree of ambition and competitiveness students report among their peers.

Despite the challenges and stress, Andrew stayed rooted and focused. Andrew was involved in several school activities including the Innocence Project, Black Law Students Association, and the Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

In December of 2017, Andrew graduated from Elon Law as a member of the school's first class to complete the highly experiential 2.5-year program.
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"My biggest inspiration is my family. I want to position myself to be able to provide a way for my whole family to accomplish their goals and also create generational wealth within my family."

Covington, now 27, has opened his own firm, Covington Law. Like many entrepreneurs, Andrew has no plans to slow down. In fact, he has plans to expand.

"My goals are to own a film and music production company. I want to be able to represent artists and entertainers from a legal standpoint, as well as helping with career expansion, creative direction, and other professional development."

Covington has worked events with talented entertainers and artists including DaBaby, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, and more!

Andrew's perseverance and discipline are obvious but his positivity and grit throughout the process enabled him to survive and advance. The path to where he is today was not easy and had to be fought for each step of the way. He looks up to other lawyers in the entertainment industry such as Vernon Brown and Navarro Gray.

Andrew has shared some pointers for anyone interested in pursuing Law School:

1- Make sure that you are in a place in life where you can let go of all distractions and 100% focus on law school.

2- Work smart but don't burn yourself out.

3- Try to maintain a healthy life balance, because Law School can become overwhelming at times.

4- Don't let anyone discourage you.

5- Study everyday so that the material sticks with you.

Connect with Andrew Covington, Esq. on LinkedIn

Andrew is also accepting applications for interns at The Cavali Group. Interested? Apply online.

Visit Covington Law at

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