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Three Great Looking Restaurants In Charlotte Where The Food Is As Classy as The Decor 

We’ve all had a tough time dealing with the new normal we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For some the COVID-19 outbreak has led to heartbreak and emotional turmoil and others real financial hardship.

At the same time some individuals and businesses have worked hard to thrive as much as is possible given the exceptional circumstances.

The restaurant industry has struggled more than most due to the restrictions and guidelines imposed upon us all, in the pursuit of stemming the spread of the virus. Dining in has all but ended in some localities and the catering industry has had to adjust their approach.

Some establishments have worked tirelessly to change their business model so as to up their game when it comes to take out and delivery services, both in terms of the way this is set-up from an operational standpoint but also at times in relation to the very menu they offer to customers.

The eating out experience, on the whole, will become a real staple for most of us, even when restrictions are inevitably relaxed. There will be some who will just feel it’s better to be safer dining in their own homes but that doesn’t mean they should have to compromise on quality.

Here are three restaurants that were, and will hopefully in the future continue to be, superb dining experiences in person but are also amazing takeaway options when it comes to the current situation we find ourselves in.

Foxcroft Wine Co.

This delightful chain, with franchises in Southpark, Greenville, Dilworth and Waverly, has been a stalwart of the area since it first opened its doors back in 2004 and when it comes to fine wines and absolutely delicious dining options, they are hard to beat.

We’ve always been fond of their interiors, where everything flows naturally from the restaurant dining chairs to the layout of the restaurant itself, but during times when visiting and dining in, their food continues to impress and we’d make particular mention of their exquisite lamb sliders and truffle fries.

It’s true that the experience of making the most of the warm and inviting environment at any of their restaurants is an added bonus but some may be choosing to takeaway. And for those folk, rest assured their takeout is superb.


When it comes to high-end foodie haunts, Bardo ranks up there as one of the best in the area. Everything in their dining area is part of an overall aesthetic that adds flavor to the whole dining experience.

We are pleased to report that their takeout is similarly impressive and the quality of the food itself matches everything the restaurant aspires to be.

Their seasonal plates and stylish cocktails are available for curbside pick-up and you lose nothing in the taste wherever you consume them.


This ‘Farm to Table’ restaurant prides itself on making use of ingredients that come from the North Carolina area and their ethical approach to the whole dining experience is one that still lends itself to their takeaway menu.

Nothing is lost by opting to take out and their hearty menu is one to get the taste buds tingling, be that with their pickle fried chicken or their beer braised rabbit ravioli, everything here is perfectly put together.

Clearly in better times, when thoughts of the coronavirus are a distant memory, we’d happily make the most of the rustic atmosphere of Heirloom in person, but there are those who may feel that dining out is the way to go, for now.

Eating In, Is the New Dining Out

COVID-19 has hit Charlotte very hard indeed and in recent weeks the spike in cases has been scary to say the least. The spread of the virus means it’s safest to limit yourself to exposure and as such dining in a restaurant, even where possible, is still something of a risk and one can be mitigated.

Any preconceived notion you may have in terms of the food served in takeaway and take-out conditions being sub-standard when compared to the experience of sitting in a restaurant and being served in person is pretty much based in fiction.

All restaurants are stepping up their game when it comes to the takeaway services they offer, in many ways they have no choice. They need the general public’s dollar and most establishments won’t let the ball drop on their efforts to stay afloat in these unprecedented times.

So make the most of the options in your area, they need you and you need their tasty treats to brighten up these darker days.

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