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How to Identify a Winning Vinyl Banner Design 


Vinyl banners have come to form a core part of the physical marketing assets of businesses. The ease of creation and installation, coupled with their versatility, makes them a top choice for organizations worldwide.  

These days, digitally printed banners are the most popular option. In most organizations, designs are first approved before they are sent out for printing. Knowing what to expect from a top-choice banner is essential if you're in charge of approvals. In this article, we'll be looking at the four most important things to look out for in a design before moving on to banner printing:

Look out for text size.

Banners differ from other physical marketing materials like leaflets and flyers in that they are most times used to attract people’s attention from a distance. Once the brightly colored design of your banner catches people’s eyes, the next thing they want to do is read the information on it. 

The larger the text on a banner, the easier it is for people to see it from a distance. You should ensure that all important information is written in large text, as it can go a long way in improving the leg traffic you get as a result of your banner.

The font is readable.

Part of the trick of creating a stand-out banner is that it has to be aesthetically pleasing. However, some designers may err on the side of aesthetics with the fonts. Flamboyant fonts look good but may make certain characters poorly discernable, especially from a distance.

When it comes to top-class banners, look out for bold, readable fonts. Typically, experienced designers use bold serif fonts like Times New Roman for their banners. There are really no limits to the font you should use as long as they are readable by the average person.

It has a simple message.

A hallmark of a successful banner is a simple andcompelling copy. People are typically either walking or driving when they come across banners. It's crucial to keep the text content on a banner short and straight to the point. The process of creating copy for a banner will involve the distilling of the information you need to pass into its shortest, catchiest form. 

When analyzing a banner design, always consider long-form texts a red flag. Such banners will probably get ignored as most people will rather walk away than spend time trying to understand it. However, take notethat the message shouldn't only be short, but also attention-grabbing. 

It has high-quality graphics.

Banners should always be designed with the primary aim of attracting people from a distance. That means that every part of the banner must do something to draw the focus of passers-by. Using high-quality graphics is a surefire way to get people looking at your banners. 

Most banners contain images that are meant to reinforce the message or communicate something about the brand. Using high-quality images ensures that while passing your message across, the banner still looks physically attractive.

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