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Brothers Jamie and Nik Fedele reveal their urban oasis 

Jamie and Nik Fedele have more in common than the same last name. As successful local business owners, they also represent the ideal of what today's visionary should be. A seasoned DJ, Jamie also owns Charlotte Connoisseur, a boutique marketing outfit promoting local businesses with daily deals, and co-owns Soul Gastrolounge. Nik shares the same passion for supporting local arts and businesses as his twin brother — he's also a veteran DJ, operating owner of the highly reputed Refresh Technologies and co-owner of Espada Bicycles.

Totally in line with their taste is their three-story, stunningly beautiful and exquisitely crafted condominium on Queens Road, nestled quietly in the historic Myers Park neighborhood. Upon entering the Fedeles' urban oasis, you are welcomed by an array of beautiful greenery, a three-foot tall basil plant that just won't quit and a front patio equipped with its own indoor/outdoor fireplace. Walking into the home, it's hard to notice anything other than the brilliant, 23-foot "heartthrob" red living room walls.

"When we saw that red, we picked it up immediately," says Jamie. "Everyone said, 'No, don't do it, it's going to look terrible,' but it ended up being absolutely perfect. I personally think darker paint just looks so much better."

Indeed the red walls definitely add a luminescent sheen to the whole space, but it's also the perfect backdrop for all of the local and regional art showcased throughout the entire house. Beautiful works created by local artists are displayed on each floor and in each unique room of the home.

Two massive canvases by John Hairston Jr. line the walls of the main living area. Closer to the paneled windows that run from floor to ceiling is what at first glance appears to be an enlarged photograph of Soul. It's actually a David French painting, a local artist who is well-known for painting street views of local businesses. Three identical, custom-crafted skateboards from Saturday Skateboards hang side by side on the wall adjacent to the tucked-away, ultra chic wet bar.

On the second floor, you notice a thin sliver of metal running horizontally across the walls, just inches from the ceiling.

"That is what's called a museum rail," says Nik. "It's a hook and pulley system for hanging art that you would normally see in art galleries. My brother and I aren't very good at it."

The second floor is reminiscent of a plush Brooklyn loft, decked out with a state-of-the-art kitchen and a cozy dining area, both furnished with a perfect blend of contemporary and vintage. The centerpiece of the dining room is a farmer's table Jamie found at Clark's Antiques on Central Avenue which is paired with super sleek, acrylic chairs. An Archer Watkins painting hangs in a gold frame on the wall next to the kitchen, and down the hall is Jamie's bedroom. The walls are a subtle green, and he opened the space up more by painting his dresser the same color, so the furniture blends in. Across the room above his bed are framed posters of epic events that he DJed at Tonic, and postcard prints of local artist Duy Huynh's work line the bathroom wall.

Upon entering the third and final floor, which hosts two bedrooms, including Nik's, the shiny hardwood floors suddenly become spectacularly white carpet. Nik admits he is OCD about cleanliness; his bedroom almost sparkles when you walk in. Bursts of color ignite from the two vibrant Arthur Brothers paintings draping the walls. The bathroom boasts an amazing chromatherapy tub, complete with mini jets that light up the water with a variety of colors.

A museum rail? A chromatherapy tub? There is a reason why this home is considered one of the most unique townhome structures in Charlotte. Architect Anderson Pearson, who designed the building, also happens to be the Fedeles' next-door neighbor.

Overall, Jamie and Nik's home shines with their personality and is brightened by the love they have for their community.

"At the end of the day," says Jamie, "we embrace the city and we embrace its art — we have for 18-plus years and we'll always continue to do so."

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