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Charlotte is ranked seventh for heaviest sleepers in the US! 

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According to a new study by Savvy Sleeper, Charlotte ranked in the top ten for heaviest sleepers, coming in at seventh place, while San Francisco leads the country as number one.The study got personal with 2,700 people in 25 major cities across the U.S. and asked them to rank themselves on how light or heavy of a sleeper they are. Here’s what they learned:


  • Charlotte ranked 7th for heaviest sleepers
  • Americans are almost evenly split between light and heavy sleepers
  • Women consider themselves light sleepers than men
  • More parents are light sleepers than non-parents
  • Depth of sleep varies by profession
  • There are more than twice as many light-sleeping cities as heavy-sleeping cities

Recently Charlotte was ranked the seventh least stressed city when it came to family relationships. Could this family related stress be a factor in Charlotte residents getting a good night's sleep? 

There is still plenty of research to be completed on why certain people are light sleepers and others are heavy sleepers. Considering what’s known so far, it’s no surprise that no two sleepers are exactly alike. Continued study on sleep patterns, sleep spindles, sleep soundness, and related technologies will surely provide answers to the remaining mysteries of sleep. Until the puzzles are solved, though, some of us will continue to wake at the drop of a pin while others slumber through the drop of an anvil. 

Find the full study here:

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