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The Blotter: Joyride 

Bizarre crime from Charlotte police files


Right Through Their Fingers CMPD sent out a press release last week describing an incident that happened in north Charlotte that, quite frankly, didn't make the department look so good. According to the release, officers had pulled over 20-year-old Dontray Farr on Sunset Road and arrested him. Pharr was handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car while officers searched his vehicle. It was at this time that Pharr decided he wasn't in the mood to hang around, but first he had to deal with his handcuffs. He maneuvered himself so that his handcuffs were in front of him, and then managed to "squeeze through a very small window in the interior of the patrol car that was open to allow air conditioning into the prisoner area," according to the report. This put him in the front of the car, and once you're there, you might as well go for a joyride, right? Pharr drove off in the cruiser, leaving police behind with his car, but they weren't willing to make a trade. The patrol car was later found in the Coulwood area, but Pharr was nowhere to be found, despite searches from the K9 unit and CMPD's helicopter, Snoopy. The incident occurred on July 24, and as of Creative Loafing's press deadline, he had still not been found.

Struck Out Staff members at BB&T Ballpark had to turn to police for help last week when a young dudebro got a little out of hand at a Knights game. According to the report, someone working at a beer stand told two nearby off-duty police officers who were working security that a guy was visibly drunk so he had refused to serve him. The drunken fan didn't like this and became "mouthy," according to the report, then continued to try to buy beer at other stands, all of which refused to serve him. When he sat down in a nearby seat and began to vape, officers approached him and told him he'd have to stop. The entitled douchebag "refused to quit vaping," according to the report, and so was kicked out of the park. He was willing to fight for his right to vape, though, because a brief time later, he jumped a fence to get back into the game and was promptly arrested and charged with trespassing and possession of Xanax.

Catch Me If You Can A young woman in Davidson played a high-stakes game of hide and seek with a police officer last week, but ended up on the losing side. An officer reported that he was driving on Catawba Avenue when he saw a woman whom he knew to have an outstanding warrant. When she saw the officer, she ran into a nearby residence. The officer knocked on the door, but was told that the woman had run out the back door. When he went out back, the man found a pair of shoes sitting on the shoreline of Lake Norman, and noticed that they were completely dry, despite the fact that it had been raining all day. He continued on that path and eventually found the suspect hiding in a spillway tucked under a bunch of branches, according to the report.

Red Rum A 35-year-old man from east Charlotte filed a police report after discovering a mess at his home and deciding it was most probably a threat. The man told officers that at some point between noon and 12:30 p.m. on one recent day, some unknown suspect put blood all over his door. He also believed that his car had been tampered with. According to the report, "the victim believed that the suspect may carry out the threat," despite him not knowing what the threat actually was.

A Good Day's Work A 34-year-old woman in the Coulwood area of northwest Charlotte finally turned to police last week when it became evident that the man she had hired to do a job for her was actually quite worthless. The woman told police that back in April she had paid a man $1,300 to put up a fence in her backyard. For three weeks, the man never showed up at her house, so she finally called him and asked when he planned to start actually doing the job she had hired him for. He responded by saying he would be there the next day, and by the grace of God he actually showed up, although he didn't do much. The woman told police he put up three fence posts and left, and she hasn't seen him since.

No Escape A man thought he could make a smooth getaway when he was caught breaking into a business in northwest Charlotte last week, but was not so lucky. According to the report, the man had broken into a development firm on Mt. Holly Road, but officers were soon tipped off and showed up inside. The man at first acted as if he would be compliant, but then pulled away from one officer and pushed another before making his way to the back of the business. The suspect tried to make his escape through three different exit points but found them all to be locked or blocked. When police finally got hold of him for good, he was found to be wanted in another county, but they also added their own charges of burglary, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

She's Got a Point Some police reports are simply perfect and need no context or introduction, so I shall present this brief report about an incident that occurred in the Raintree neighborhood in its entirety and leave it at that: "On Wednesday, July 4, 2018, the victim stated that her daughter threatened to kill her with an EpiPen."

All stories are pulled from police reports at CMPD headquarters. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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