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The Blotter 

Trip To The Unknown:
Police presence distressed an unknown driver who, after spotting an officer sitting in his car, zoomed off at high speed. The officer reported that the driver fled so quickly he was unable to view the tag number or to initiate a traffic stop. But the officer was fast enough to track the man through several street changes until the man dove from his car and took off running. Not even the police dog could track this speed demon. As the car had not been reported stolen and the owner could not be contacted, police still don't know why the man fled, who he was, or what was even going on.

Two Timer:
Before a convenience store owner could repair a window damaged in a prior break-in, a thief took advantage of the store's easy access and broke inside again. The crook pulled back plywood covering a gaping window and stole five cartons of cigarettes, six boxes of cigars, and $200 in beer.

The World's Longest Car Inspection:
When a woman asked her male friend to make sure her lights functioned properly before she took her car to be inspected, she didn't expect the pseudo-mechanic to drive away. Although the friend had borrowed her car in the past, the woman claimed that this time she handed over her keys solely so he could assure her that her car would pass inspection. She reported to police that she hasn't heard from her friend since he left with the car, but mutual acquaintances have spotted him cruising around various locales in Charlotte.

Gettin' Wiggy Wid It:
A teenager reported that she and a friend had an argument that got progressively worse. Finally, the friend became so irritated, she snatched the wig off the surprised teen's head, grabbed her cell phone, and darted away.

Spare Change For Atlas:
A he-man thief pulled off an unusual heist at a laundromat by throwing a brick through a window and then carrying off an entire change machine, worth about $2,000, which contained an estimated $1,800.

Sugar Water Blues:
An east Charlotte gas station attendant busted a petty thief drinking a stolen cherry Fanta in the parking lot of his store. This $1.11 indulgence won the plunderer a trip downtown when he failed to run even after the attendant warned him that he saw the thief sipping the stolen soda. Police arrested the Fanta fanatic in the parking lot.

Fee? What Fee?:
Frustrated with a toll gate in the parking deck of an uptown bank, a man decided to let himself out. At 2:40am, the man pulled the gate back until it snapped in half, then drove away. His escape, however, will be costly since security cameras caught his destruction of the gate on tape.

Pig In A Poke In Flames:
While a courier paused for an early-morning nap, a quick thief nabbed his 53-foot trailer. The name of his company and the word "Flammable" marked the trailer in several places, but the contents of the trailer -- 3000 cases of cigarette lighters -- were not mentioned.

One TV Dinner, Coming Up:
A woman returned home and found her front door broken. After examining the inside of her house, she discovered that thieves had taken her microwave oven and nothing else.

Don't Flood The Car:
During one of the city's recent heavy storms, a visitor at an east Charlotte hotel found himself victimized by the rain. When flooding caused the hotel's management to force evacuation, one guest suffered flood damage. His new Mustang fell into a sinkhole created by rushing waters in the parking lot. The collapsed ground prevented him from driving his car and caused $5,000 in damage.

Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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