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The Blotter 

Up To No Good: During a consensual search of a private home, a Charlotte police officer arrested one of the residents and seized more than $2,000 in illegal contraband, including 32 Ecstacy pills, a shotgun, a .22 caliber handgun, various kinds of ammunition and a bulletproof vest.

Robbus Interruptus: While she was at work, a woman was told by the manager of her apartment complex that someone apparently had forced open her front door. Upon returning home, the woman discovered that the door had been kicked in. But the crooks evidently were interrupted in mid-thievery. Placed next to the front door and ready to go were jewelry boxes, several bottles of wine, a stack of DVDs and a change jar.

The Green-Eyed Monster: A man reported that while his car was parked outside his girlfriend's house, someone flattened the tires, busted the driver's-side window and wrote graffiti on the hood. The couple believe the woman's ex-boyfriend is responsible for the vandalism, as they've had several other altercations with him in the past.

woo-hoo! Let's Party: An argument broke out between two guests at a house party, and one of them reportedly smacked the other in the head with a plastic cooler. The fight spilled outside, and during the ensuing melee, someone's car was dented and scratched.

They Just Keep Going...: A convenience store manager reported that his suspicions were piqued when he observed a young man enter his establishment wearing a heavy jacket, despite the summer weather outside. The inappropriately dressed dude strolled around the store for several minutes, then suddenly grabbed nearly a dozen packages of batteries and fled the store.

Aggressive Bum Alert: A man reported that while getting into his car at a Charlotte shopping center, a young man approached him and asked for money. When he refused, the young vagrant became irate and threatened to "fuck his ass up." The victim's ass, according to the police report, remains intact.

Ain't Love Grand: When a man confronted his girlfriend about coming home late and intoxicated, she reportedly kicked him in the crotch and smashed his home entertainment center. According to the police report, the two lovebirds have lived together for less than a month, during which time police have responded to several similar disturbances at the residence. Blotter items are chosen from the files of the Charlotte Police Department.

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