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Belly dancer

Like pop diva Madonna, Yasmine only needs one moniker. The fierce belly dancer is the artistic director for the Magic Hips Dancers, owner of Magic Hips Studio, and has toured around the world with the Bellydance Superstars.

"I had a weirdo file saved on my computer," says the belly-dance superstar, who apparently has her share of stalkers. "I get some weird e-mails! Poems and stuff." Yasmine saves a copy of each odd e-mail, just in case. So, stalkers beware!

Belly dancers adopt a stage persona. Yasmine insists the dancers in her troupe create a bio for their persona, so they can truly become their character when they step onstage.

A true Southern belle, Yasmine was born in Mississippi and raised in South Carolina. But Charlotte, which is close to her family, now serves as home base. "Mom and dad come to all my events. You're never too old to have mom and dad come!"

Other than belly-dance music, Yasmine listens to rock, preferable rock with heavy guitar rifts. "Metallica, Pearl Jam ... I'm stuck in that era of music!"

When she's not belly dancing, Yasmine spends her time with her family, her animals, and Smallville. ("Tom Wellings is Superman!") She lives with her sister, fellow belly dancer Huriyyah, her 2 cats Enya and Emrys and puppy Darby.

"This is it for me," she admits. "I really couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. It's my dream come true."

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