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Interview: Lindsey Hathaway, co-owner of Re Salon and Med Spa 

Today, though the trucks are gone and the hoses are rolled up, Historic Fire Station #2 is still a safe haven. In November 2010, Re Salon and Med Spa (1212 South Blvd., utilized the 10-foot ceilings, exposed brick and the original gold fire pole to become a chic health spot. Aiming to offer a one-stop shop for beauty and beyond, Re has 20 stylists and estheticians who offer every service from haircut/color, extensions and makeup artistry to teeth whitening, facials, massages and waxing, and more.

Bravo TV's Tabatha's Salon Takeover would have a hard time trying to find any operational problems, thanks to co-owner and manager Lindsey Hathaway. Unlike the conventional, straight-laced spa director, Hathaway is a laid-back gal with edgy red hair who sports a positive, go-getter attitude and, at times, aqua finger nail polish. She's up with the sun and doesn't leave Re until most of us are off to sleep. Her dedication to what she calls her "baby" is what makes the shop a place of many returns for area spa goers.

Creative Loafing: Did you always know you wanted to work in this industry?

Lindsey Hathaway: Absolutely not, I was actually in nursing school and about my sophomore year, I figured out that it was not the field for me. I took about a six-month break and started working at a salon at the front desk, and I really enjoyed the industry and working with people. I've always really enjoyed working with people but I realized that I enjoyed managing people and I found out I was really good at it.

What do you love most about your job?

I could have taken a corporate job because I have my MBA, and sometimes I lay in bed thinking, "Why didn't I go to work in the corporate world?" — I'd have paid vacations that I would have to take and a nine-to-five instead of working crazy hours. But the great thing about this industry is I can really be who I want to be. I can be artsy even though I'm not an artist. I really enjoy being a leader — I think some people are just born to be leaders. I was the first born and I'm the oldest grandchild, so I've just always fit in to that role.

Some say salons are not just physical, but emotional therapy, too. What do you think?

My motto is, "If you look good, you feel good." Individuals that invest time into themselves, whether it be through regularly working out or taking care of their personal beauty needs, are proven to be emotionally healthier than those who do not. Emotional health affects everything from the way you carry yourself, to your confidence level to relationships.

Speaking of Re Salon And Med Spa, Lindsey Hathaway

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