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Grammy Award predictions

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I did it last year, so, why not try it again this year — here are my predictions for all 109 categories of this years Grammy Awards.

The event will be on television on CBS on Sunday night at 8 p.m.

Here are my hopes and predictions (and, like last year, I recommend getting a snack before you jump into this list.):

Record Of The Year — My fingers are crossed that Lady Gaga will not win this one... I'm guessing that Taylor Swift is gonna walk away the winner, but for the hell of it, I'm going to predict Kings of Leon.

Album Of The Year — Beyonce and Lady Gaga (unfortunately) have a good shot at this one. DMB has a great story behind it, but I'm going to go with Taylor Swift again.

Song Of The Year — "Poker Face" stuck in the heads of a lot of people, but not for a good reason... mostly because it's just plain annoying. I can't imagine Taylor Swift winning the three big ones — but she make take this and lose one of the others. Again, I'd love to see Kings of Leon win it, but I'm gonna guess Beyonce's repetitive "Single Ladies" will be the winner. Ugh.

Best New Artist — The Ting Tings are one-hit wonders so far, MGMT doesn't have enough of a mainstream audience yet... Silversun Pickups are a possibility, but I"d weigh heavy on Zac Brown Band for their crossover appeal.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance — This one's gonna be a battle between Beyonce and Taylor Swift. If someone beats them, I'd be shocked. I'll put my money on Swift.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance — I'd like to see John Legend take it, or even Stevie Wonder, but I'd guess Maxwell is gonna take this one home.

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals — Bon Jovi has an outside chance here, but, since it's all over the airwaves, I gotta think that Black Eyed Peas are winning here. "Tonight's the night..."

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals — Another tough category. I'm going with the popularity vote and guessing Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

Best Pop Instrumental Performance — He seems to be a favorite at the Grammys, so I'll go with Béla Fleck.

Best Pop Instrumental Album — Chris Botti has a whole bunch of guest stars on the album... that has to weigh in his favor.

That's only 10 categories... I hope you have a comfortable chair.

Best Pop Vocal Album — I'd actually like to see Pink win here, but I'm guessing it's going to be the Black Eyed Peas.

Best Dance Recording — I hate to think that she's going to win any Grammys at all, but it's hard to deny that there are a lot of people that like her. I sure as hell hope it's not Britney Spears... and while I'd pick Black Eyed Peas or Madonna, I'll say there's a good chance Lady Gaga is gonna win this one. (After reading the category below, I'm going to change to Black Eyed Peas.)

Best Electronic/Dance Album — Damn... I think Lady Gaga may win this one, too. I'll change my vote above.

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album — I wouldn't call Willie Nelson pop or traditional. It would be cool to see Tony Bennett win, but I'll go with Harry Connick, Jr. Bublé is good, but he's kind of a "poor man's Harry Connick, Jr."

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance — We all know Bob Dylan doesn't have the best vocals... Neil Young or John Fogerty would be nice, but I'll go with The Boss.

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals — Tough choices here. Coldplay has had their time... Clapton and Winwood are playing an old song... Green Day is a good bet, but I'm going with Kings of Leon.

Best Hard Rock Performance — I don't think AC/DC's new album is their best, Alice in Chains is good but not the best here, Linkin Park didn't have a new album last year, so they should even be in the category. Nickelback? Um, no. I'm going with Metallica.

Best Metal Performance — I would love for Ministry to win, but it seems like everyone loves Lamb of God.

Best Rock Instrumental Performance — Steve Vai and Jeff Beck are both amazing guitarists. I think Booker T. Jones may surprise with a win here.

Best Rock Song — Kings of Leon's not going home empty-handed, so they could win this if they lose out on others... Assuming they win a bigger category, I'm thinking Green Day will get the nod here.

Best Rock Album — The death of LeRoi Moore could have crushed DMB — instead, they came back with one of their strongest albums ever. I'd love to see them get some recognition, but I'm guessing U2 may walk away with it... even though that "get your boots on" song is complete crap.

Best Alternative Music Album — Phoenix is probably the odds-on favorite, but I'm hoping Yeah Yeah Yeahs are gonna win.

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance — None of them have a prayer against Beyonce.

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance — I'd love to see Charlotte's Anthony Hamilton take it home, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Welcome back, Maxwell.

Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals — I sure as hell hope T-Pain doesn't win. I'd love to see Robert Randolph win. I'm guessing that it will go to India.Arie & Musiq Soulchild.

1/4th of the way through - tired yet? Maybe you should take a nap before continuing...

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance — She sang it for the President, so I'm guessing "At Last" by Beyonce will take home the gold.

Best Urban/Alternative Performance — For some reason, I want to go with the Foreign Exchange on this one. No reason...

Best R&B Song — Oh, that frickin' "Single Ladies" will probably win again... Just for spite, I'm going to go with James Brown.

Best R&B Album — India.Arie's got a good shot, but I'm guessing Maxwell will get another "welcome back" prize.

Best Contemporary R&B Album — If T-Pain wins, I'm going to lose all my faith that the Grammys still mean something. However, I'm guessing Beyonce will win again.

Best Rap Solo Performance — Eminem has a chance and Kid Cudi is the big underdog with a shot, but I'll guess Jay-Z.

Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group — There may be some lingering Kanye West backlash, and I'd love for Beastie Boys to win, but I'm guessing Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent are taking this one home.

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration — It would be hilarious if "I'm on a Boat" won, but I'd say "Run This Town" is the favorite to win.

Best Rap Song — I'm going with "Run This Town" again.

Best Rap Album — Interesting choices - I'm surprised Jay-Z isn't on here. I don't think it'll be Common or Eminem... I'd say Q-Tip and Flo Rida might have a chance, but Mos Def is taking it home.

Best Female Country Vocal Performance — Carrie Underwood might have a shot, but it's gonna be Taylor Swift's night.

Best Male Country Vocal Performance — Uhhh... I don't know any of these songs. George Strait is a possibility, but I'm picking Mr. Nicole Kidman. I mean, Keith Urban.

Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals — It's their last year, so it would be nice for Brooks & Dunn to win, but I think Zac Brown Band might surprise some people and win it. Lady Antebellum has a shot, too. Ooh... so does Sugarland. I'll stick with Zac Brown Band.

Best Country Collaboration With Vocals — A lot of big names in this one, but Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally are two of the bigger ones. It's a tough call though.

Best Country Instrumental Performance — I'm going with The Greencards.

Best Country Song — Best and Country - it's kind of like an oxymoron, isn't it? Anyway... Taylor Swift is likely, but I'm going with "I Run to You" by Lady Antebellum.

Best Country Album — Don't think there's much of a chance that Taylor Swift won't win this one, unless Zac Brown Band pulls the huge upset.

Now it starts getting tougher to choose...

Best New Age Album — I'm not familiar with any of them, but "Laserium for the Soul" has a pretty new-age-y title.

Best Contemporary Jazz Album — Urbanus is on a label that has jazz (Concord Jazz) in the title - I'm going with that one.

Best Jazz Vocal Album — I wish they made a five-sided coin so I can flip for it. I'm going with Luciana Souza. 

Best Improvised Jazz Solo — I like the name "Dancin' 4 Chicken."

Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group — I saw him at Bonnaroo, so I'm going with Allen Toussaint.

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album — They've got a team in the Super Bowl, so I'm going with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra's Book One.

Best Latin Jazz Album — The name made me chuckle — Brazilliance x 4.

Ah, category number 50... were' just under halfway through.

Best Gospel Performance — Jonny Lang is a possibility, but you'd think you need Jesus or God in the title. I'm going with "Jesus is Love."

Best Gospel Song — For the same reason as above, I'm going with "God in Me."

Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album — No one fits the above requirements... I'll go with Third Day's Live Revelations.

Who knew there was so much gospel?

Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album — Jars of Clay is a popular one.... Mandisa was on American Idol, but Israel Houghton has "Israel" right in his name! "The Power of One" is my guess.

Best Southern, Country, Or Bluegrass Gospel Album — I really have no clue here. Tracy Lawrence has kind of a country sound to it...

We're just hitting the half-way mark and these sure as hell aren't getting any easier. I'd get up and stretch for a moment...

Best Traditional Gospel Album — Seriously? More gospel? The Law of Confession, Part I...

Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album — With a name like Smokie Norful, he has to be good...

Best Latin Pop Album — Sometimes it's good to go with the familiar, so I'm picking Paulina Rubio.

Best Latin Rock, Alternative Or Urban Album — Again, familiar. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

Best Tropical Latin Album — I actually heard Tiempo Libre's Bach in Havana and thought it was a good album.

Best Regional Mexican Album — There's something cute about Mariachi Divas... so I'll pick 10 Aniversario.

Best Tejano Album — Again, you have to go with the name that gets attention. I'm picking Borders Y Bailes by Los Texmaniacs.

Best Norteño Album — Last year, I picked Los Tigres del Norte and they won... If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Best Banda Album — I'll go with the one artist that doesn't have "Banda" in its name — Lupillo Rivera.

Best Americana Album — Willie and The Wheel is a great album, but I'd love to see Levon Helm win it for Electric Dirt.

Best Bluegrass Album — I'd have to guess that Steve Martin will take this one home for The Crow.

Much like the speed limit, we just flew past 65... let's keep going!

Best Traditional Blues Album — We need a good bluesy name... Ramblin' Jack Elliott sounds good.

Best Contemporary Blues Album — Wow, Susan Tedeschi and her husband Derek Trucks are both in the same category. Maybe it'll be like an election and those two will cancel each other out, leaving Robert Cray Band to walk away the winner.

Best Traditional Folk Album — Of course, I like the name Naked with Friends, but Polka Cola: Music that Refreshes has a lot more humor in it.

Best Contemporary Folk Album — I'm hoping Neko Case will take this one home.

Best Hawaiian Music Album — You'd go with Don Ho in the old days, so why not go with Daniel Ho here? I'll go with him and Tia Carrere for He Nani.

Best Native American Music Album — I like the sound of Johnny Whitehorse and Riders of the Healing Road.

Best Zydeco Or Cajun Music Album — Give it to Buckwheat Zydeco... although Beausoleil could win it.

Best Reggae Album — I'd guess one of the Marley's will win it. Let's go with Stephen over Julian.

Best Traditional World Music Album — Mamadou Diabate sounds like a worldly band name... Douga Mansa wins it.

Best Contemporary World Music Album — I'm going with Femi Kuti's Day By Day over the popular Béla Fleck.

Best Musical Album For Children — My 4-year-old nephew loves Bob Marley. I'm going with Ziggy Marley's Family Time.

Best Spoken Word Album For Children — Hehehe... Buck Howdy.

Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Story Telling) — Lincoln-Douglas debates... Peace in the Holy Land... None of these sounds very appealing. I'll root for Michael J. Fox.

Best Comedy Album — Would be funny if Spinal Tap won... Colbert's Christmas special sucked. Kathy Griffin has too many enemies. I'm going with Weird Al.

Best Musical Show Album — I'd say Hair has the best music...

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media — Twilight has too many big names on it not to win.

Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media — Lots of good movies here, but I'm going with Up.

Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media — I sure as hell hope Hannah Montana doesn't win this one. I'm going with Springsteen's The Wrestler.

Best Instrumental Composition — Hehe, Borat in Syracuse. Though I don't think it has anything to do with the movie or character. "Married Life" from Up will win it.

Best Instrumental Arrangement — Emmanuel — for some reason Chris Botti's name keeps popping up a lot.

Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) — Quiet Nights by Diana Krall has a good shot here.

Best Recording Package — Neko Case or Spinal Tap would be nice, but I'm guessing David Byrne and Brian Eno's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

If you need a bathroom break, it's down the hall on your left....

Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package — Great album and cool packaging — I'm love to go with Jane's Addiction's A Cabinet of Curiosities, but Neil Young's Archives are getting a lot of attention.

Best Album Notes — I hope Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson wins.

Best Historical Album — I'm guessing it's between Woodstock and what I predict will win — The Complete Chess Masters (1950-1967).

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical — Gossip in the Grain by Ray LaMontagne is a great album.

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical — When does T-Bone Burnett not win?

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical — No clue. People have had success remixing Dido in the past though - Don't Believe in Love.

Not too many more... almost to the end!

Best Surround Sound Album — I need that five-sided coin again. I'll go with Transmigration.

Best Engineered Album, Classical — It's always a safe bet to go with numbers when classical music is involved. So, I'm going with Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 15.

Producer Of The Year, Classical — David Frost looks like he produced a lot of album titles with numbers in them. I really have nothing else to go on....

Best Classical Album — For the same reasons as the last two categories - Mahler: Symphony No. 8; Adagio From Symphony No. 10

Best Orchestral Performance — It sounds pretty fantastic - Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique.

Best Opera Recording — Opera? Seriously? Marco... Polo! Tan Dun: Marco Polo.

Only 10 left... is anyone still reading?

Best Choral Performance — For no real reason other than I have to pick one - Song Of The Stars: Granados, Casals & Blancafort.

Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (with Orchestra) — No freakin' clue. Salonen, Esa-Pekka: Piano Concerto looks good.

Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (without Orchestra) — Chopin... he's famous. So, Maria João Pires may win this one.

Best Chamber Music Performance — Intimate Letters sounds like a winner.

Best Small Ensemble Performance — Song of Songs? That makes no sense... I'm going with it.

Best Classical Vocal Performance — It's got spectacular right in the name - Bel Canto Spectacular

Best Classical Contemporary Composition — Again - no clue. I like percussion though - Higdon, Jennifer: Percussion Concerto.

Sweet lord, is it over yet?!?

Best Classical Crossover Album — I don't think I can go against Yo-Yo Ma. His name was in an episode of Seinfeld.

Best Short Form Music Video — Black Eyed Peas since everyone likes to see Fergie dance.


Best Long Form Music Video — I'd love to see Johnny Cash win it.

That's it... all 109 of them. Thanks for reading...

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