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Founder of SingleCell Productions

The enigmatic Torch (seen here with DJ Krikett) is the founder of SingleCell Productions: the Charlotte-based company that bites into the heart of our fair city's stale nightlife and has no intentions of letting go. You can find him in a number of venues across Charlotte and the Southeast; training DJs, producing shows and on stage at Purgatory, one of SingleCell's largest events.

Why the name SingleCell? "It looks snazzy on my T-shirts."

When he is not busy producing shows, Torch says his hobbies are spending time with his kids ("'Guitar Hero' rocks!"), art direction and writing. "My book Translucent Shadows comes out next year. It's a coffee table art book with my writings and different contributing artists interpreting the pieces."

What's next for SingleCell and Torch? "Our film division will be opening next year with the unveiling of a documentary about the making of Purgatory. We've got three other projects in the pipeline for film including a documentary about Southern haunted houses, a crime drama and a music video."

"We'll also keep fighting to keep diverse, intelligent entertainment and alternative art alive in Charlotte," he says. "In a short span of time, we lost Mythos, Tonic, Fat City, the Room and the Steeple. There aren't many venues left willing to let you be experimental or weird."

Torch says his favorite part of Purgatory is the energy of the participants. "The whole night has a positive vibe and raised energy that you can feel just walking around. When I hit the stage it's multiplied by 10. It's an incredible feeling, like nothing else."

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