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Summer is quickly moving into Fall and that time of year when education and back-to-school is on many people's minds (Especially right now!). Whether you are home-schooling or sending the kids back to the classroom, this is also a great time to get some schooling yourself—education in the Art of Living! Even if you don't have those kinds of issues to deal with, moving into the holidays (Time waits for no man—they are coming!) during the pandemic can mean even more stress and anxiety if you don't have the tools you need to ride the waves. To help support you in today's challenging climate, we've reduced the prices on many of our online programs and are offering discounts on all the others. We hope this will enable you to spend some time on self-care and learn ways to bolster your resilience and immunity to bring more joy into your life. 



Coming to Facebook Live! Starting later this month, we are honored to be hosting a new presenter series, "Wisdom Holders." These free 30-minute live-stream sessions are focused on tools for self-care during these stressful times. Our first session is with renowned psychic Bill Philipps, August 25, at 7:00 pm EST. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to receive notification of these exciting new live events!

Art of Living Programs

Our online retreats are live-streaming, interactive sessions with the same expert faculty you’d experience on our campus. You will have ample opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns, participate in discussion, and connect with fellow participants. It's the next best thing to being on campus!


“Wonderful, genuinely loving instructors. This was a life-changing experience!

—Bonnie, previous program participant

The Happiness Retreat

• Weekly Sessions•

Save 50% or more!

In this interactive live-streaming program, you'll learn how to access the present moment and tap into your inner power to reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience and immunity, and find a greater sense of happiness and well-being.


Visit our website to learn more about the program and our reduced tuition rates for new and repeat participants!


“Wow. This is needed for every human being in the world.

—Siva, Previous Program Participant

The Silent

Meditation Retreat

• Monthly •

SAVE! Limited-Time 15% Discount

Our signature Silent Meditation Retreat integrates our renowned Happiness Retreat and several days of silent contemplation with unique guided meditations, yoga, and advanced breathing techniques. It's the ideal retreat for body, mind, and spirit!


Overall, I lost eight pounds and I feel so much lighter all over. I have more energy than I've had in years...

—Meg, Previous Program Participant

Ayurveda Home Cleanse


SAVE! Limited-Time $200 Discount

Discover the power of Ayurveda for a total mind-body reset—anytime! One of the most important practices in Ayurveda is the seasonal cleanse. This serves to help preserve and restore your health by eliminating toxins and excess vita, pitta, and kapha from the tissues and digestive tract. Our self-directed 7-day cleanse package includes pre- and post–cleanse consultations, a cleanse starter kit, video presentations, and expert support throughout the entire week. 


I loved the opportunity to get back to the roots of cooking to nourish myself.
—Emma, Previous Program Participant

Ayurveda Culinary Retreat

• Monthly •

SAVE! Limited-time 20% Discount or

save even more when you register with a friend!

Eating wisely is one of the most important things we can do for our health every day. In Ayurveda, it isn't just what we eat, but also how we eat, when we eat, and we prepare our foods. Master Ayurveda Chef Nalini Mehta leads this informative and fun interactive cooking workshop!


Having the tools and knowledge to heal my body is the wisdom my spirit needed.
—Stephanie, Previous Program Participant

Managing Inflammation

• Monthly •

SAVE! Limited-time 20% Discount or

save even more when you register with a friend!

In this empowering program with Dr. Poornima Sharma, you’ll discover your own constitutional type and learn time-tested Ayurveda wellness practices, tools, and techniques to help you manage inflammation and prevent disease. 


Great learnings on spinal care and stretching. I recommend this retreat for everyone!
—Arlene, Previous Program Participant

Holistic Spine Care Retreat

• Monthly •

SAVE! Limited-time 20% Discount or

save even more when you register with a friend!

Our transformative spine care program addresses the physical and emotional root causes of spinal pain. You'll learn holistic pain management techniques, diet strategies, lifestyle practices, and yoga postures to strengthen your spine and keep it healthy.


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