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Tips on How You Can Increase Your Seeding Ratio Using a Seedbox

We all know that maintaining a good ratio when seeding on private trackers can be extremely difficult, and you run the risk of being kicked out if your ratio is bad. Maintaining a good ratio gives benefits like enhanced downloading speeds, gives you a good reputation among peers, and increases your chances of invites.

Using a seedbox helps you keep a positive ratio, therefore, maintaining a good standing with private BitTorrent sites. A seedbox is a remote server that enables you to download torrents at extremely high speeds. It offers an easy way to store and share files without having to save them on your devices. It also comes with popular automation tools that help you seed popular files before others.

How can you increase your seeding ratio using a seedbox?

Start hosting smaller files.

The easiest way to increase your seeding ratio is by downloading smaller files and storing them on your seedbox. When you start seeding smaller-sized files, you increase the chances of seeders downloading your files.

For example, if you download a movie of 600 MBS, and another person has saved a 2 GB in size, the chances are that people will prefer to download yours because of the small size. Plus, if you keep the files or movies on your seedbox, it’s even faster to download the movie from there.

Always go for new torrents.

The best way to increase your seeding ratio is by using a new torrent version immediately when released. When a new torrent version is released, you find that the downloaders are usually more than the uploaders. In this situation, your seedbox comes in handy, offering you two benefits. First, it helps you download the new version faster, and second, the faster you download the torrent, the quicker you become a seeder.

Make sure that you also have a fast Internet connection for downloading the files quickly.

Keep your files in the seedbox.

Another way to avoid your ratio from plummeting is by keeping files that people are downloading in your seedbox. Leaving files that people aren't downloading on your seedbox will hurt your ratio. Once you finish downloading your data, you should keep them running so that other seeders can also download them. This will enable them to upload the file, which helps your download to upload ratio. Also, remember not to delete or move files that are actively being downloaded.

Take advantage of free downloads.

Take advantage of free downloads offered on BitTorrent sites. This will increase your seeding ratio as well. Free torrents won't affect your download statistics, meaning you can download these torrents without affecting your ratio. This is helpful, especially if you're starting because if you have more downloads, they usually affect your ratio.

Use the best seedbox host.

Make sure you use a quality seedbox provider. This ensures that your dedicated server will always be online. Dedi seedbox providers will make sure that your files are downloaded and uploaded as fast as possible, which is essential for maintaining your ratio.

It’s imperative to use a seedbox when joining an exclusive torrent site. The advantages of using a seedbox will help you maintain a good ratio and prevent you from being blocked from the sites.

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