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Title: 5 Must See College Movies of All Times

Description: College experience is a rather widespread basis for the movie plot, so finding interesting movies becomes a severe problem. Find a solution here.

5 Must See College Movies of All Times

Watching movies about college life is a pleasant way to prepare for the new stage of life or the next semester after the summer break. People who graduated long ago like college movies because they let them relive this time and enjoy the memories of careless life. But the statement that college life is careless will certainly be contested by students. Studying for a degree cannot be easy. If a person wants to become an expert in a particular discipline and benefit other people and our world as a whole, they must get through the thorny path of studying. 

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Let’s find out what college movies are the most interesting.

Legally Blonde

Even though this movie was released in 2001, it remains very popular among students. Elle Woods is a stunning blonde. She is the president of a sorority and one of the most beautiful girls in the college. Legally Blonde breaks stereotypes about blondes because the main character manages to be enrolled in Harvard and gets Juris Doctor degree. Anyone may enter the prestigious school; all we need is perseverance and motivation. If you’re going to enter college or university, but you doubt your power, order admission essay from essay pro and get through the admissions campaign smoothly.

Mona Lisa Smile

Feminism is a rather popular movement. If you find it interesting or even follow it, Mona Lisa Smile is worth watching. The plot tells the story of the teacher-feminist Katherine-Ann-Watson, who takes the position of teacher at Wellesley College. She discovers that her boarders have a good knowledge of this subject, so she uses the time in lessons to tell other interesting information about art and makes them think that marriage isn’t their primary aim in life.

Pitch Perfect

Do you like music? If yes, Pitch Perfect can ensure you good pastime. This musical comedy tells about the university that encourages students to enter music bands. Becca and Jessie are freshmen students who decide to join the bands. Becca joins Barden Bellas, who’ve lost an international contest, whereas Jessie enters TroubleMakers. In general, the movie tells about their life, the competition and relationships between the members of each band and so on. Subsequently, Bella and Jessie become close friends. 

Animal House

This comedy was directed by John Landis and released in 1978. The plot is based on the confrontation of two fraternities in Faber College, that’s an imaginary institution. By the way, the confrontation is classical, one fraternity consists of students from aristocratic and prestigious families, whereas others accept friendly, fun and noisy guys. The Dean dreams about excluding the latter fraternity from this college, but we all know that he won’t succeed.

The Internship

The amazing comedy starring famous actors, Vince Vaughn, and Owen Wilson, tells about two friends who apply for Google internship and are lucky to be accepted. Until now, they were bagmen, but their employer went bankrupt. The friends get to Google campus and explore the whole new world. The Internship proves that even the lack of necessary knowledge isn’t the obstacle to your dream. Devote yourself to implementing your dream, no matter what. If you’re in college and assignments prevent you from learning what you like, get acquainted with college paper writing service reviews and find out how this service can assist you.

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