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Is Kratom Leaf Better Than Powder?

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What is Kratom?

Known as Mitragyna Speciosa in the science community, Kratom is an herb that is related to the coffee family. It grows naturally in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea; to name a few.

In many cultures, kratom leaves have been used for hundreds of years for remedying a variety of health issues. The natives of countries like Indonesia would use it to overcome opioid addiction and for managing pain. They would also use it for more energy, sense of clarity, calmness, and managing several mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals was the first person to ever study this magical herb/plant and the rest, as they say, is history. It was only a matter of time before kratom’s popularity spread throughout the world. Even though the herb is banned in many countries, it remains a popular choice among avid kratom fans and they swear by it.

With time came different ways of consuming Kratom which confused a lot of people; especially beginners. In this post, we talk about the major distinction between kratom leaf and kratom powder.

Kratom Leaf vs. Powder

If we talk about the most popular way of consuming kratom, it’s the ‘toss n wash’ method. The method is exactly what it sounds like. You toss the dose in your mouth and you wash it down with water or juice.

If this is your preferred method, then you should go for kratom powder. Kratom powder is dried leaves ground to the consistency of spices. You don’t see any visibly broken leaves and there's no coarseness to it.

Because it’s a fine powder, you have to take a dose less than powder.

In addition to being incredibly simple, this method is also quite effective.

Other than this, we have many other benefits of kratom powder. For example -

  • You can consume it like it is. Although the taste is going to be bitter, you can easily chase it down with something sweet.

  • Kratom powder can easily be mixed with juices like orange and pineapple. This is another great way to deal with the off-putting taste of it.

  • It can be stirred into soft foods like oatmeal, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, etc.

  • Great for adding into savory stuff like warm soups, gravies, etc.

Powder Can be Turned into Capsules

You can either choose to buy kratom capsules from a store like Kratom Crazy. Or, you can DIY them. For this, you will need a kratom powder and some empty capsule casings.

Just make sure to measure your exact dose before encapsulating it into the casings.

What is Kratom Leaf and How Is it Different From Powder?

Kratom leaves are different from the powder in terms of texture and coarseness. Leaves are usually crushed not ground. That is why you can see tiny pieces of leaves. Unlike powder which is fine, crushed kratom leaves have visible coarseness to them.

The difference between powder and leaves comes from the method of usage. While powder can be consumed raw, people buy leaves mostly because they want to brew it into tea.

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Making Kratom Tea from Crushed Leaves

You don’t need some special tools or recipes for making kratom tea. It is pretty much like a regular tea recipe.

For this, you will need -

  • Kratom dose

  • Water

  • Sweetener of your choice

  • A strainer

Start by boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it cool down for a minute and add kratom leaves to it. Boil it once more for 10 more minutes.

Use a strainer to separate the leaves from the pot. Add sweetener of your choice to this mixture. It can be stevia, sugar cubes, agave syrup, honey, Splenda, or anything your heart desires.

Some people would even add some lemon because that gives the tea a citrusy flavor.

The leftover kratom leaves can be used towards making a second batch.

Benefits of Tea Over Raw kratom

Has soothing effects - Drinking kratom tea rather than popping a capsule or a raw dose is much different. It’s an experience; like coffee-drinking. Plus any hot beverage inherently calms you down. Many people drink kratom tea only for its soothing effects.

Quicker onset of effects - Some people would argue that kratom tea is quicker to have an onset of effects when compared to just consuming raw kratom. Please note that such claims are mostly based on experiences shared by users. They are not necessarily backed by science.

Less likely to cause nausea - With raw powder there’s a limit to the amount of plant cellulose that your stomach can handle. With tea, that issue is out of the way. When you consume powder, the high plant matter often induces a sense of nausea. You don’t have that experience with the kratom tea.

Is Kratom Leaf Better Than Powder?

It depends on how you plan on consuming kratom. If you want to experience it in the form of tea, then yes it is better than powder for you. However, if you do not like the hassle of brewing tea, then go for powder.

It is about personal preference and choice that you have to make.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is an herb that is not approved by the FDA. The clinical studies are limited and vendors do not supply dosage guidelines. In the absence of such rulings, it is advised that you always start slow as a beginner. Start with 3 grams of dosage and see how it works for you.

Over time, you can slowly up this dose.

Also, kratom might be illegal in a few states ansd counties. Make sure it’s legal where you live before buying it. To know more about kratom’s legality click here.


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