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Constance Lav Johnson Innovates School Firsts, the First Online School for K-12

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Constance Lav Johnson attended most of the national education conferences in 2019 through 2020 while running for NC State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She traveled nationally to reinforce her knowledge of the educational needs of the nation’s schools to best serve the schools of North Carolina. She attended the National Superintendents Conference, National Alliance of Black School Educators, the PTA Legislative Conference and others. She did not win the State Superintendent’s race, but received tremendous statewide support earning a quarter of a million votes.
click to enlarge Founder of School Firsts, Constance Lav Johnson
  • Founder of School Firsts, Constance Lav Johnson

As grace would have it, the Pandemic arrived immediately following North Carolina’s primary election. She then attended state and national Zoom meetings on education programs and teacher focused meetings after distancing became mandatory to protect citizens from the infection of COVID-19. Johnson witnessed great fear and disorder in the government leadership of schools. This lack of communication between the nation’s District Superintendents versus the State Superintendents and Governors caused confusion. The leadership lacked answers.

Constance Lav Johnson moved with expediency to innovate a new school, School Firsts, an online school that provided a common place for teachers to provide instruction. She provided online classes through a beautiful web-video development that keeps students engaged and active in extracurricular activities, parents engaged through online sessions and a newsletters, and teachers creative through videography. School Firsts is the first K-12 online school in the world. It protects students, and advances schools into the study of STEM with ease.

School Firsts serves public and private schools and gives parents great comfort in teaching through her concept, that uses videography in teaching to ensure parents understand lesson plans.

She opens training for public and private school teachers this month, on two dates, Wednesday’s, August 12 and 19, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. Superintendents, Elected Officials, Organizational Leaders, Parents, Teachers, and Students are bees representing their schools. They join the School Firsts membership to allow Johnson, a minority owned business owner, and celebrated publisher and educator, to serve and advance the schools throughout the pandemic.

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