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Coronavirus Fears Result in Mass College Closures in USA

The rapid spread of Covid-19 over the past few weeks has resulted in chaos and turmoil across the globe. Italy has gone into complete lockdown, many other nations have suspended events and travel, and the situation has taken its toll on many industries including the financial sector, the travel sector, and the educational sector among others.

When it comes to education, authorities are naturally concerned about the high level of contact between students who are being packed into classrooms in order to study. As a result, more than 130 colleges and universities have closed their doors after banning in-person classes until further notice. This is just one of the steps being taken in areas across the United States to try and control the spread of the disease, which has now been officially classed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Studying from Home to Keep Up with Studies

While huge numbers of students will now no longer be able to attend college in order to pursue their studies, they are expected to continue working from their homes. Students are being urged not to class the closure as some sort of holiday where they can kick back and relax, as their studies still need to continue. Instead, they are advised to set up a quiet area at home from which they can work and to study for as many hours each day at home as they normally would at college.

Students may not be able to go into college, but they can turn to digital technology in order to continue their education until they are allowed back into college. There are lots of resources and tools that students can turn to such as OneClass, which enables students to access class notes so they can stay on track with their studies. They can also use conferencing tools like Skype in order to benefit from face to face communication with tutors and other students.

So far, a swathe of colleges across the United States have decided to close, and this includes Yale and other Ivy League colleges. In addition, there have been closures across Washington state, the South, and the west and Midwest. Over the coming days and weeks, it is likely that many more colleges will close either due to contamination after a student or faculty member displays symptoms or as a precaution to delay the spread of Covid-19. All students should keep a close eye on what is happening at their schools and colleges.

A Difficult Situation

The spread of this virus has resulted in a very difficult situation for people and businesses, as it has had such as profound effect in such a short space of time. For students, the best they can do is prepare themselves for recreating their college environment at home so they can focus with greater ease. As long as they do this, students can stay on track with their studies, and this will help them to weather the current storm rather than letting their studies fall behind.


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